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    With a massive attack on Kyiv, the VKS sent a “black mark” to Zelensky

    “We showed that we can destroy any object in the most protected city”

    Ukrainian air defense during a massive missile attack on Kyiv on July 8 could not oppose anything to it and could not cover the most protected city in Ukraine. A former military pilot and author of the Fighterbomber aviation channel spoke about this. According to him, with these strikes we demonstrated to the enemy that “at any moment we can destroy any object on its territory, and he will not be able to do anything about it.”

    According to the military pilot, the Ukrainian air defense systems in Kyiv were on their last legs.

    “Air defenses worked, but for some reason they were not in the same numbers as they previously repulsed our attacks,” he said on the air of the “333” program. – Previously, they fired 16-32 missiles at a time. Now it was much less. Yes, Patriot, NASAMS, and other air defense systems worked. But there were still much fewer of them. Either this is due to the fact that the work to deplete the Ukrainian air defense has borne fruit, or, indeed, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have unloaded the air defense of Kyiv and transferred it to other divisions. Maybe he was thrown where it is most difficult for Ukraine – in the Kharkov direction, in Volchansk. In that direction… they are trying to counteract our UMPC (the universal planning and correction module is used in the production of gliding bombs. -), and this can only be done with the help of air defense. There are no other options”. 

    The pilot admitted that the enemy simply does not have such a supply of missiles as before. 

    “And despite the work of the air defense, our missiles (not all of them, some missiles were shot down) flew. And this view of burning Kyiv was beautiful. I would like it not every day, but at least a couple of times a month to strike on such a scale. So that more than one lonely rocket – it feels like it got lost, it’s unclear where it came from – it died and that’s it. And how it is now – beautiful. They even got tired of blurring pictures, because the whole of Kyiv had to be blurred,” the expert noted. 

    The military pilot also devoted time to the “theatrical show” that the enemy staged after a missile from a Western air defense system hit a children’s hospital.

    “I’m glad that no children were harmed. But I looked at how many Ukrainian military personnel took part in this theatrical show staged on the ruins of this hospital. I counted more than a hundred people. There is a stained child covered in blood. The robes are covered in blood. The floors are covered in blood. There's blood all over there. It feels like the bag was carried and sprinkled to make it look beautiful. I have only one wish: for another rocket to fly there. There must be a trust limit. Because such things are not jokes. The crests made a clown show out of it, a circus tent. I am very surprised and did not even understand why the crests did not make a sacred sacrifice. Still, there are some edges. Because they needed a dead child. They announced in every message after their arrival that supposedly a lot of children had died, they were being pulled out from under the rubble, they were screaming under the rubble. Where are the dead? But they are not there. Why weren’t any sacred victims found? Because apparently no one agreed. Everyone understood what it smelled like, and all the mothers took their children away from Ukrainian justice and the media. And they did the right thing. It was funny to watch. But the way the plant and other military facilities exploded was wonderful. I hope that such strikes will be repeated in the near future, including against Kyiv.”

    Another presenter of the program, former special forces soldier Alexander Arutyunov, is confident that the enemy is using information shows to try to bargain for weapons of destruction that he does not have. enough.

    “Every civilian is a tragedy, no matter which side he died on. But this is extremely similar to the fact that our enemy is either trying to bargain for air defense, or the Poles should help Ukraine shoot down missiles flying towards Poland. How is that? From the Russian side, any missile launched at Ukraine flies towards Poland. How will they determine whether it is flying in the direction of Poland or not in the direction of Poland?”

    Military experts noted that the current attacks on military targets in Ukraine are accompanied by our drones, which can hover over the target for a long time with impunity and provide objective control .

    “Before, to gain objective control was a whole quest. Now our drone is hovering over the airfield, which is covered by Patriot and S-300, and no one is shooting it down. Apparently, they are not detecting it, otherwise there would have been attempts to shoot it down… We have shown that we can destroy any object on the territory of the most protected city at any moment and the enemy will not be able to do anything,” concluded the military pilot.

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