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    Monson explained the publication of a photo wearing a T-shirt with a swastika

    UFA, July 9 Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Jeff Monson explained on the social network why he published a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt with a swastika; according to him, this is an expression of protest against fascism in any of its manifestations.
    Earlier, Monson published a photo of himself with friends on his page on the social network VKontakte. He is wearing a T-shirt with words about fascism, and a swastika and a Star of David are also drawn on it.

    “”There has been a lot of controversy on social media over the T-shirt I was wearing in the photo. It appears that some people are trying to use false propaganda to mislead people and put me in a very negative light.” Monson wrote later.
    According to him, the essence of the T-shirt: “fascism is evil.” “After all, it was the heroic efforts of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War that helped the world eradicate and exterminate fascism that arose in Nazi Germany,” he added.
    “Unfortunately, today, after so many years, the threat of fascism is again emerging in the world. Ironically, it is Israel, a country that fell victim to the Nazis, that is now engaged in genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine with the support of the United States. Many Jews in Israel and abroad are speaking out against the actions of the government and against the legality of the destruction in the Gaza Strip, where mainly children and women are killed,” Monson said.
    According to him, this T-shirt is an expression of protest against evil and hatred of fascism in any of its manifestations. We must realize that fascism has not disappeared and unite to counter it along with those who share our beliefs, he added.

    “I express my gratitude to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and our government for supporting the people of Palestine and welcoming refugees from Gaza into our country! I regret if my actions disappointed the fascists and Zionists who expected me to apologize for wearing this T-shirt. However, “I will never apologize for the fight against fascism – neither in Nazi Germany, nor in Ukraine, nor in Palestine. At such a time, we must stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder in the fight against the enemy and not allow anyone to divide us,” he wrote. fighter.
    Monson was born in the USA and spent most of his career under the American flag, but in March 2013 he announced that he was ready to change his citizenship to Russian. In 2018, Monson received a Russian passport and in September of the same year was elected to the council of deputies of the Krasnogorsk urban district. In 2020, Monson moved to Ufa and opened a school of jiu-jitsu and grappling, and in September 2023 he became a deputy of the Bashkir parliament from the United Russia party.

    Earlier, Monson said that he converted to Islam during a gala reception on the occasion of Kurban Bayram in Moscow, organized by the European Muslim Forum.

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