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    T-Bank will hold one of the largest conferences on machine learning Turbo ML Conf

    T-Bank Artificial Intelligence Center (AI-Center) will hold its first conference on machine learning (ML) Turbo ML Conf. The conference will bring together leading experts in ML in seven areas at once.

    Among them are recommender systems, natural language processing, computer vision, speech technologies, time series, operations with machine learning and language models, fundamental and applied research.

    Experts from T-Bank, Yandex, VK, MTS AI, AIRI and others will talk about the latest achievements in the industry.

    Turbo ML Conf will be held on July 20 in Moscow in the GOELRO space. ML engineers, researchers, developers, data scientists, product managers and other specialists in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) can take part.

    Viktor Tarnavsky, director of artificial intelligence at T-Bank:

    “There is always a shortage of knowledge in the field of machine learning (ML). Technologies and approaches are changing at breakneck speed. The industry is growing, and more and more new people are appearing. We called our conference Turbo ML Conf to reflect the speed of development of the industry. This is a new expert platform for ML professionals.

    The goal of the platform is to unite the expertise of Russian technology giants and strengthen the professional community with knowledge of advanced technologies and practices in various areas of machine learning.”

    Topics and speakers

    During the day, conference guests will be able to attend 27 sessions at four sites:

    • Research & RnD — fundamental and applied research.
    • NLP & MLOps/LLMOps – natural language processing and operations with machine learning and language models.
    • RecSys & Time Series – recommender systems and time series.
    • Computer Vision & Speech – computer vision and speech technologies.

    More than 30 speakers from the largest Russian companies and institutes will speak at the conference and universities. Among the planned reports:

    • “Secrets of transformer personalization” – Kirill Khrylchenko, Yandex.
    • “How the development of LLM affects the future of voice technologies” – Evgeny Britsyn, T-Bank.
    • “From an unrecognized scientific benchmark to the main metric of voice quality in VK calls” – Ivan Beskrovny, VK.
    • “ML in the era of LLM” — Daniil Kireev, MTS AI.
    • “Diffusion models as an internal tool for creating content” — Elena Shevchenko, T-Bank.
    • < li>“RL in Embodied AI: fine-tune, pretrain, offline” – Alexander Panov, AIRI and others.

    Networking, interactive and after-party

    The site will have a Dot.Talks communication area, which will help start a dialogue on any topic, as well as interactive areas for training “computer vision” and setting up personalized recommendations. At the after-party, participants will enjoy music, a barbecue, a quest from robots and a glitter bar.

    To get to the conference, you need to register on the website.

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