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    Honda presented three crossovers for the European market – CR-V, ZR-V and e: Ny1

    Three Japanese brand SUVs will be available from old-world dealers towards the end of this year, prices to be announced later.

    Honda presented several of its models for the European market; their debut took place as part of a special event event in Offenbach (Germany). One of the so-called new products was the sixth generation Honda CR-V crossover: in fact, its premiere took place in the USA in the summer of 2022, but now the model has reached the Old World. At the same time, American-assembled cars are delivered to Europe, and only with a hybrid “stuffing”, although in the States the model can also be bought with a gasoline engine.

    In the photo: Honda CR-V 1/3 In the photo: Honda CR-V 2/3 In the photo: Honda CR-V 3/3

    European dealers will offer the Honda CR-V in e:HEV and e:PHEV variants. They are equipped with a power plant from its predecessor, which is based on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol, working in tandem with a 184-horsepower electric motor. At the same time, the rechargeable hybrid has a traction battery, the range of such a crossover when driving in a purely electric mode is 82 km. The company did not show e:HEV, but noted that the versions will differ due to the radiator grilles. Drive – front or full.

    In the photo: Honda CR-V interior

    Also, the European line of Honda will be replenished with the crossover ZR-V: the model was also declassified last year, in the States it is presented under the name HR-V. These cars will go to old world dealers from Japan. The exterior of the SUV versions differs due, again, to the “grill” and bumpers. Europeans will be offered the ZR-V in the e:HEV version with a hybrid setup based on the same 2.0-liter engine. The European version of this crossover has only front-wheel drive.

    In the photo: Honda ZR-V 1/3 In the photo: Honda ZR-V 2/3 In the photo: Honda ZR-V 3/3

    Another novelty that will expand the Honda model range in Europe is the e:Ny1 all-electric crossover. It can be called a “green” version of the global SUV Honda HR-V (in Japan and China – Vezel). Probably, these battery-powered SUVs will be supplied to the old-world market from China, where the production of the “green” Honda e: NS1 and e: NP1 (“twins” come off the assembly lines of various local joint ventures) is now launched.

    In the photo: Honda ZR-V interior

    “Electrocross” Honda e:Ny1 will be offered in Europe with a single 204-horsepower electric motor located on the front axle. It is equipped with a 68.8 kWh traction battery and has a range of 412 km on a single charge (based on the WLTP cycle). This SUV does not have all-wheel drive versions (like its Chinese counterparts).

    In the photo: Honda e:Ny1 1/3 In the photo: Honda e:Ny1 2/3 In the photo: Honda e:Ny1 3/3

    The presented trio of crossovers of the Japanese brand will be on sale in the European market towards the end of this year. Prices of new products will be announced later.

    In the photo: showroom Honda e:Ny1

    Recall that in Last month, Honda showed several new crossovers. So, the coupe-like SUVs e:NS2 and e:NP2 acted as the next “twins”; their production in early 2024 will be launched in China at a joint venture with Dongfeng and GAC. Another novelty was the concept crossover e: N SUV (Prologue). The range of debutants was supplemented by the Honda e:N GT show car, which is not yet known.

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