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    Taiwanese who bought 'If China Invades' book called out for 'delicate reading material'

    Cynthia Young talking to the 'questionnaire' conducting a survey. Photo: Here I Stand Project

    Taiwanese book buyers who have bought a publication called If China Invades have begun receiving cryptic phone calls from people claiming to be pollsters conducting a survey on “confidential reading materials.”

    Taiwan's Digital Ministry said it would call representatives from one of Taiwan's largest bookstores following a complaint from a customer who said she received a call from someone investigating her reading habits after purchasing it.

    < p>Cynthia Yang, deputy executive director of Taiwanese non-profit organization Here I Stand Project, said she received a call from someone claiming to be a Taiwanese public opinion pollster who works at a bookstore and conducts a survey about “confidential reading materials.”

    Caller . insisted on the opinion

    According to Taiwan Central News Agency, she said that the caller kept insisting that “military unification (between China and Taiwan) is imminent” and insisted on her opinion on the book.

    < p>The man said, “The Chinese military is strong, so Taiwan cannot win the war,” Ms. Yang said, adding that he has repeatedly said that “the US will not help” and that “Taiwanese soldiers are afraid to fight.”

    >< p>Beijing claims Taiwan is its own territory despite the fact that the Chinese communist government has never run a democracy of 23.5 million people and has threatened forced unification unless Taipei agrees to join China peacefully.


    The book refutes the notion that China will easily win the conflict over the Taiwan Strait.

    Appeals “seek to promote communist views”;

    Ms. Yang said that the tone of the conversation led her to believe that the call might have come from a well-organized Chinese group seeking to influence the Taiwanese and advance the Communist Party's view of Taiwan.

    State Party members of Taiwan Construction, who held a press conference with Ms. Yang, wondered how her details could have been leaked after she bought the book online.

    Taiwan authorities are on edge over the alleged operations China to influence in the run-up to the presidential election. elections in 2024 as the country has long been at the forefront of targeted disinformation campaigns.

    The Ministry of Digital Affairs responded by contacting bookstore representatives for clarification.

    By contacting CNA, Book the store said it will continue to strengthen the security of its data and regularly remind its customers about the spread of fraud.

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