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    GM and SAIC bring Baojun Yep crossover to market: Jimny-style look at Niva price

    The new electric SUV is offered in only two trim levels, but many accessories are provided for an extra charge.

    A small electrocross joint venture between General Motors and SAIC announced last year, but a public demonstration was held in China only a week ago. Recall that initially the SUV was announced as a model of a completely new brand, but in the end it was decided to produce it under the Baojun brand (part of the joint venture). The English name for the three-door product is Yep, the local name is Yueye. And now the exact price list has been published in the Celestial Empire and sales have started. By the way, the cross was the first production model of Baojun with an updated logo.

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    Appearance was made in the style of Suzuki Jimny and Ford Bronco frame SUVs, but in reality we have a city car with a monocoque body. Be that as it may, Baojun Yep has a “square” body, massive bumpers and a hinged rear door, headlights merged with a plate imitating a radiator grille, and full-fledged roof rails were installed on the roof.

    There is one more special feature: on the stern there is an element resembling a watch with a strap, the manufacturer calls it that – Car-watch. So instead of a plastic plug for a fee, a screen is provided on which you can display animation or graphics. And in general, Yep has a diverse personalization program – there are many different accessories (overlays, stickers, etc.).

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    The length of the electric car is 3381 mm, width – 1685 mm, height – 1721 mm, wheelbase – 2110 mm. Yep has a four-seat interior, but the cross is actually deprived of a normal trunk – to transport something, you will have to fold the back of the rear sofa. However, there is still a small compartment in front.

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    Baojun Yep is equipped with a single 68 hp electric motor. (140 Nm), it is located on the rear axle. The battery is also the same – with a capacity of 28.1 kWh, power reserve – 303 km according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. The maximum speed is 100 km/h.

    The SUV is offered in two trim levels. “In the base” there are 15-inch wheels, a scoreboard (combined tidy and multimedia system screens, each with a diagonal of 10.25 inches), a rear-view camera, a pair of airbags, climate control and cruise control. A more expensive version is equipped with an adaptive cruise, all-round cameras, auto-braking systems, marking tracking and blind spot monitoring.


    In terms of price, Baojun Yep is generally comparable to our classic Niva: a basic electric car costs 79,800 yuan, which is equivalent to about 900,000 rubles at the current exchange rate; the second performance was estimated at 89,800 yuan, which is about 1,010,000 rubles. The Baojun brand has not yet announced exports.

    Meanwhile, the manufacturer also showed pictures of Yep in the form of a pickup truck earlier. It is possible that such a version will subsequently become serial.

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