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    Kemi Badenoch vows to stop 'harassment' of head of equality department

    Kemi Badenoch is said to be “greatly admired”. for Baroness Faulkner. Photo: Shutterstock

    Kemi Badenoch vowed to stand up for the head of Britain on equal rights amid Tory fears about “political” decisions. attempts to overthrow ministers and their appointees.

    A government source said the secretary for business, who is also minister for equality, is “greatly admired”; for Baroness Faulkner and privately made it clear that she would not tolerate being “kicked out of office”; for doing your job.

    The disclosure came after another minister told The Telegraph that the government should “100% support” Lady Faulkner and other dignitaries were criticized by civil servants. On Friday, the investigation into the allegations against her was suspended due to backlash from 54 colleagues and outrage from across the political spectrum.

    The source suggested that Ms. Badenoch felt she could not intervene publicly until the investigation was formally concluded.

    “Kemi has immense admiration for Baroness Faulkner, who, in her opinion, is a woman of incredible courage and tenacity.” the source said. “She will wait for the independent Equality and Human Rights Commission to complete its investigations, but has privately made it clear that she will not allow people dealing with incredibly controversial, complex and really new issues to be kicked out of office for doing what they do. my job. .”

    The investigation into the allegations against Baroness Faulkner has been suspended. Photo: Jeff Pugh

    Last week #10 said the Government had a "constructive relationship" with Lady Faulkner.

    But senior Tories have said that if they do not publicly support former Liberal Democrat colleague Liz Truss, who is appointed chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2020, this will lead to heavyweight reformers refusing to take office under the Conservatives.

    Since her appointment by Ms. Truss, who was Ms. Badenoch's predecessor as Minister for Equality, Lady Faulkner has come under fire for trying to balance the quango approach to transgender issues with a greater focus on women's rights.

    The worried minister said there were fears that some “activist” officials had discovered an opportunity to turn against Tory government figures and their appointees, while the government seemed politically weak.

    Elder Tories compared the scandal to the EHRC with allegations made by Dominic Raab, former Deputy Prime Minister. minister before he stepped down last month.

    Richard Sharp, chairman of the BBC, and Katherine Beerbalsing, who chaired the Commission on Social Mobility, are among the other Conservative nominees who quit their jobs in the midst of the controversy.

    'Stand up for those who oppose wokerati'

    Jacob Rees-Mogg, former business secretary, said: “His Majesty's Government must stand up for those who are appointed to public bodies and oppose wokerati” .

    "It was wrong not to support Richard Sharpe, and now Baroness Faulkner deserves stronger support. Otherwise, these positions will be filled only by conforming metropolitans who reinforce each other’s political correctness.” was drafted by a handful of EHRC civil servants and subsequently leaked.

    Lady Faulkner, who works two days a week on the commission, spends her own money on lawyers to defend herself.

    A senior source in Whitehall said: “Kemi has to pay her own expenses. This would make it clear that the government has faith in its state institutions and its civil servants, and emphasize that this has been going on long enough that civil servants should not be hung to their own devices.”


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