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    In the West, both culture and education are becoming primitive, Putin said

    MOSCOW, November 28. In the West, they are now practicing the abolition of humanities education, as a result, both culture and education are becoming primitive, and Russia needs a breakthrough, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
    “In the West, they are now practicing not only the policy of cancel culture, but actually the abolition of liberal arts education. As a result, both culture and education are becoming primitive. Many classical subjects are simply thrown out of Western curricula, replaced by some kind of gender or similar sciences, pseudosciences, of course,” Putin said at the World Russian People’s Council.

    The head of state emphasized that Russia, on the contrary, needs a real breakthrough in cultural life. In this aspect, there is a lot to learn from our ancestors, who set models for the whole world in both traditional and avant-garde art.

    “I am convinced that the country’s sovereignty and the strengthening of its role in the world is impossible without the flourishing of its original culture in all its manifestations. And of course, it is important for us to take all the best that the domestic and world system of classical education,” Putin added.
    At the same time, the President noted the importance of Russian schools, universities, and colleges remaining open to everything advanced and being modern. “We need a holistic education system in which the family, education system, national culture, the work of children’s, youth sports, military-patriotic organizations, and a broad mentoring movement harmoniously complement each other,” he concluded.

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