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    The new BMW X3 will surprise your nostrils: a photo of the crossover leaked online before the premiere

    The fourth-generation mid-size BMW X3 crossover will add fuel to the fire of discussions regarding the design of modern cars of the Bavarian brand.

    The premiere date of the new BMW X3 with the factory index G45 is still unknown, but, apparently, it will take place very soon, because a company photograph is already circulating on the Internet, in which the crossover is captured in three-quarters, so you can evaluate the front and sidewall.

    The front end looks massive, flat and harsh – online commentators have already compared it to an “angry beaver”. The signature nostrils seem to be even larger than those of the flagship sports crossover BMW XM, the appearance of which at one time caused very heated debate, and the design of the meshes inside these nostrils was borrowed… – from the Torrent computer system unit of the Swedish design brand Fractal. By the way, we have already seen oblique nets on the updated BMW “one”, it’s just that on the BMW X3 they are larger and have a silver coating.

    The branded “four eyes” of the new BMW X3 is almost invisible; the LED squiggles that imitate it are practically stuck together.

    The sides of the new X3 also caused some fans of the Bavarian brand to be taken aback: the wheel arches received very large flat extensions, which made the image heavier. The comfortable door handles for a natural grip have given way to flat ones with finger recesses – apparently, this was done to improve aerodynamic characteristics.

    What awaits us at the stern, we can only guess, but in the cabin no one expects surprises – most likely, a panoramic two-screen display common to all new BMW models will be installed there, which has already become boring – “oldies” (old fans of BMW) demand the former diversity of the interior style, but are unlikely to get it.

    The technical characteristics of the “fourth” BMW X3 will become known after the premiere, so far we can only say that there will be no purely electric versions of this crossover on the previous CLAR platform, and in 2025 A completely new electric BMW iX3 on the advanced Neue Klasse architecture is expected this year – in terms of design, it will have practically nothing in common with the “fourth” BMW X3.

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