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    Explosion at battery factory in South Korea kills at least 22 people

    Parts of the factory's top floor had collapsed and large chunks of the building looked as if they had been blown up. Photo: Hong Ki- win/AP The flames probably spread too quickly for workers to escape, an expert said. Photo: Kim Hong-ji/REUTERS

    Witnesses saw firefighters carry up to six bodies from the plant. The intensity of the fire made it difficult for rescuers to identify the dead, Kim said.

    Two people suffered serious burns, officials at the scene said.

    >Live footage shows as firefighters spray down the damaged steel and concrete building.

    Parts of the top floor collapsed, and large chunks of the building looked as if they had been blown out into the street by the explosion.< /p>

    Aerial footage shows as huge clouds of smoke rise from the building.

    South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol was monitoring the situation, his office said, while Interior Minister Lee Sang-min called on local authorities to take measures to prevent environmental pollution from hazardous chemicals

    Hwaseong authorities have sent out a series of warnings to residents, warning them to stay inside.

    “There is a lot of smoke in the factories due to the fires. Please pay attention to safety, for example, refrain from going outside,” one of the text messages said.

    “Fire at the factory. Please avoid nearby roads and nearby residents please close your windows,” another message said.

    The lithium battery plant is owned by Aricell, a South Korean primary battery manufacturer.

    Lithium The batteries are used in everything from laptops to electric vehicles, but can be highly explosive as airlines, for example, impose strict inspection rules on devices containing them.

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