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    Bank DOM.RF introduced machine recognition of apartment data when applying for a mortgage

    Bank DOM.RF has introduced technology for recognizing information about the apartment being purchased using artificial intelligence. All data is automatically entered into the bank’s information system in less than a minute. This allows you to reduce the influence of the human factor when applying for a loan and reduce the time for collecting information about the subject of the mortgage to half a minute.

    “The introduction of technology for recognizing information about the apartment being purchased based on artificial intelligence is an important step in the further digitalization of lending, allowing us to reduce the amount of entered and verified data. Previously, we introduced automatic collection of client data without providing documents or filling out forms, and also began conducting electronic transactions without using paper – using an electronic signature,” said Vice President of DOM.RF Bank Kirill Varentsov.

    Last summer, Bank DOM.RF launched a service for automatically generating client profiles without providing documents or filling out data. Borrowers scan the QR code and in a matter of minutes receive a comprehensive bank decision on all current mortgage products. The bank also provides remote mortgages – clients do not have to come to the bank’s office to conduct a mortgage transaction, and the documentation is signed using an electronic signature, which is drawn up by a bank field employee.

    “The solution for recognizing data from contracts for the purchase of real estate when applying for a mortgage is an in-house development of the AI ​​laboratory DOM.RF. If previously bank employees had to manually transfer information from the developer’s contract into the system, now this is done by an AI solution based on computer vision. It recognizes the necessary data and automatically enters it into the required fields of the client card. The operator can only check the information and transfer the information for further use. Both the bank and clients benefit from the use of technology: the bank optimizes its business processes and increases the flow of transactions, and citizens can quickly process mortgage documents and purchase real estate in a shorter time,” said Nikolai Kozak, Deputy Chairman of the Board of DOM.RF Bank.

    More details about the terms of mortgage lending at Bank DOM.RF can be found on the website.

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