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    The residents of Kiev, with their video, debunked the version that a Russian missile hit the hospital

    Strikes are definitely being carried out on military targets, the threat is from Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles

    Residents of Kyiv, not afraid of the strict prohibitions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, filmed and posted on the Internet numerous videos about yesterday’s attacks on military targets in the capital of Ukraine. And this video best confirms the brilliant work of the Russian Aerospace Forces on military targets, and also became a means of objective control, proving that it was a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that hit the building of the Okhmadet children’s hospital. 

    Photo: social networks

    Special thanks to the guy who, addressing a certain Anton, comments on the precise hit of Russian missiles on the territory of the Artem missile plant. Having flown hundreds of kilometers, all six Kh-101 missiles, one after another, strike almost vertically into a limited area block, taking out all missile production facilities.

    The author of the video should probably hurry up, because The SBU, of course, will identify him and send him to the front line for slaughter.

    Commenting on a video of a missile hitting the Artem plant, military blogger Yuri Podolyaka wrote: “Missile strikes on Kyiv is a video that will never be shown in Ukraine.” First, they will dispel the myth of Western super-weapons. And secondly, they will make the average person think that “it is Ukrainian air defense that is most dangerous for civilians.”

    At the same time, Podolyaka noted the complete helplessness of the Ukrainian air defense, which was unable to prevent attacks on an important military plant in the center of Kyiv, and “in an attempt to shoot them down, they are hitting their city.” “It was like yesterday,” the blogger noted, “when one of the NATO anti-aircraft missiles, due to some reasons that are not yet fully understood (maybe it was simply faulty), fell on one of the Okhmadet hulls.”

    Another video was shot and posted online by an honest resident of Kiev. It clearly shows which missile hit the children's hospital. And in appearance it is definitely not the X-101. But from the plumage it is clear that this missile is one-to-one similar to the Norwegian-made anti-aircraft guided missile of the Western NASAMS air defense complex.

    The same is confirmed by photographs of destructive elements found near the hospital. These are definitely not elements of a high-explosive warhead of long-range missiles capable of collapsing a multi-story building. No, these are small metal striking elements of anti-aircraft missiles, which, when exploding in the air, are dispersed in a fan to hit the skin of aircraft.

    This is how the channel “Z 105 regiment NM DPR” – the 105th regiment of the people's militia of the DPR – commented on the strikes. Residents of the Ukrainian capital captured missile attacks on military targets in Kyiv from several angles. The video of eyewitnesses showed arrivals at the Artyom military plant, on which several missiles fell at once in a row, without encountering resistance from the Ukrainian air defense.

    The moment of “simultaneous destruction of several objects at once in Kyiv” was also recorded – explosions with repeated detonation were heard in three districts of the city.”

    “I would especially like to note the reaction of the Ukrainians themselves, who watch with interest the work of ours as if it does not concern them,” notes the author of the channel. “The reason is obvious: before the eyes of the people of Kiev, strikes are targeted precisely at military infrastructure; the threat to civilians appears only when “practice PPO” (Ukrainian air defense is working).”

    On the night of July 9, another characteristic appeared on the Internet video from Kyiv. A female volunteer complained that someone brought poisoned mineral water to the hospital where they worked on the evening of July 8th. Volunteers, hospital staff and police officers were defeated. The purpose of this provocation is clear: they also wanted to accuse Russia of using toxic substances. It didn't work out. Thanks to the people of Kiev.

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