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    Orban made a grim prediction for Russia and Europe: it will be much worse

    The military train has no brakes, and the driver has gone crazy

    It seems very likely, upon careful examination, of course, that all this fuss with “pacification” is Orban’s throwing around the world , statements by Bulgaria and Turkey about the need for negotiations and their mediation – they are not entirely about peace between Russia and Ukraine. Part of Europe realized that it was being pulled and pushed into a big war, which was becoming almost inevitable.

    According to the old and unkind European tradition, Poland is the crystallization point of the war. Representative of Kyiv Zelensky said that the security agreement between Poland and Ukraine signed in Warsaw provides for the possibility of the Polish side intercepting Russian missiles in Ukrainian airspace.

    A tactically clear decision – the Russian Aerospace Forces took out the air defense of Ukraine and those airfields where they could would be based on F-16. Now Kyiv's hope is that the Poles will cover the border strip with Poland of 15-20 kilometers (as long as Polish air defense is enough), and Western fighters can be kept in this strip.

    But strategically, this is another step towards drawing NATO into a full-fledged war with Russia. Here, for example, is the assessment of the leader of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot: “The war in Ukraine is sliding further into a global conflict thanks to this incredible agreement that Zelensky made with Donald Tusk – a security agreement signed today in Warsaw, allowing the Polish army to shoot down Russian missiles and drones in Ukrainian airspace. This is called going to war! On the initiative of that same Europeanist Tusk! Let's remember that Poland's membership in the EU and NATO will require us to show solidarity if Poland goes to war with Russia! Let's stop this madness immediately!

    The Baltics are not waiting, but preparing. Together with other Baltic countries, Estonia is developing a “drone wall” project to protect airspace. By 2027, Estonia plans to spend 1.3 billion euros on replenishing its ammunition stockpile, including kamikaze drones, long-range artillery, HIMARS systems and medium-range air defense systems. In 2025, concrete protective bunkers will begin to be installed on the borders with Russia, trenches will be dug, and anti-tank weapons, including mines, will be installed. This is the same notorious gun that hangs on the stage in the first act.

    The former head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Ruslan Kosygin, writes that the EU plans to prepare for an attack on Belarus and Russia by 2027. This is how he assesses the action plan adopted by Europe in the field of military mobility, for which it is planned to spend 1.6 billion euros. According to Kosygin, the plan “provides for the modernization of airfields, air bases, ports, railway lines, and roads. All this is being done as part of increasing the so-called military Schengen. We are not talking about a defensive nature here. This is a group that is preparing to attack.”

    Orbán, who issued the gloomy “What lies ahead is much worse than we think,” in his article “European governments in the thick of war” directly writes: “Europe is preparing for war. Every day they announce the opening of the next stage on the path to hell. We are bombarded with this every day: hundreds of billions of euros to Ukraine, placing nuclear weapons in the middle of Europe, recruiting our sons into foreign armies, NATO mission in Ukraine, sending European military units to Ukraine. My friends, it feels like the military train has no brakes and the driver has gone crazy. We must press the emergency brake so that at least those who want to can get off the train and not participate in the war.”

    It’s not hard to guess who the driver of this train is. Hint: “the driver has gone crazy.” According to Ruslan Kosygin, in 2004 the American military presence in Europe was 100 people and 4 aircraft. In 2023 – 36 thousand people and 92 aircraft. In 2024 we have already reached 80 thousand. Just at the Belarusian border, according to him, a group of 11 thousand American troops is deployed.

    Orban is now trying to be the brake on the military train and involve as many European and world leaders in the brakes as possible. He correctly notes: “For Putin, everything is simple: look at the facts, energy sources, population. Putin cannot lose, this is very logical. If you look at the soldiers, weapons and technologies that are used in war, then defeating Russia is difficult to even imagine. The likelihood of whether it is possible to defeat Russia at all is impossible to calculate.”

    And it no longer seems paradoxical that the increasing Russian strikes on Ukraine are also a good brake on the train of a great war. Because they cool brains overheated by Russophobic hysteria well.

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