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    Unfashionable: what Zeekr would look like with regular headlights

    A month ago we presented Zeekr models without the upper “floor” of front optics, and now we’ll depict how they can look with traditional headlights .

    We have previously made similar renderings dedicated to BMW and Hyundai models with two-tier headlights. Now let’s carry out a similar restyling for Chinese electric cars, and let’s start with the 001 liftback, introduced in 2021 and becoming the company’s first production model. The main headlight blocks of the car shown in the rendering are now located a little higher and “fused” with the upper segments of the LED running lights, resulting in an original headlight shape that curves around the wheel arches in a signature way. By the way, earlier this year the restyled 001 was presented.

    Render of Zeekr 001 with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Zeekr 001 2/2

    In the case of the X crossover, which appeared last spring , you can do it differently: its upper blocks with running lights are quite similar to full-fledged headlights, they just can be positioned a little lower and increased in size so that low and high beam blocks can be placed there. You can get rid of the elongated horizontal headlights built into the bumper.   

    Zeekr X render with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Zeekr X 2/2

    Another Zeekr model with unusual front optics is the 009 minivan, which premiered in the summer of 2022. As in the situation with the 001 liftback, here the new headlights were formed by “merging” the upper and lower segments, resulting in a new shape that fits into the design of the front end. At the same time, the characteristic multi-sized “fangs” of LED running lights have been preserved. Let us remind you that in the spring of this year the 009 minivan received a powerful VIP version.  

    Zeekr 009 render with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Zeekr 009 2/2

    Meanwhile, the Chinese company is preparing a new crossover, which has already been shown in camouflage film.  

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