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Crossover FAW Bestune T99 for Russia: suddenly updated, there are prices

It is expected that in our market a large SUV will be available in two trim levels.

The new for Russia FAW Bestune T99 crossover was officially announced by the local division of the Chinese concern in April. That announcement was accompanied by illustrations with a pre-reform “five-door”, and the same SUV most recently flaunted on the FAW consumer website. And now a restyled cross “hangs” there, in addition, a price list has appeared. Note that the Russian office has not yet announced the start of sales, there was no fresh press release at the time of publication of the news either. Well, let's add that in the Russian Federation for a long time you can buy “parallel” crossovers – in a pre-styling form.

p>At home, the upgraded T99 debuted at the end of last year. The model received a frameless grille and a new Bestune emblem (this is a sub-brand of FAW). In addition, the SUV got other bumpers, while in the front there are no more vertical stripes of running lights, instead of them – “jackdaws”. The “fangs” were also removed from the stern, plus the plate that unites the taillights is now painted in body color. The interior is the same, except that a new logo was pasted on the steering wheel.

1/2 2/2

Dimensions after restyling have not changed. The length of the FAW Bestune T99 is 4800 mm, the width is 1915 mm, the height is 1685 mm, and the wheelbase is 2870 mm. That is, in terms of its size, the cross is comparable to the current Kia Sorento, while the “Chinese” is exclusively five-seater.

Earlier, FAW said that the Bestune T99 will be available with a 2.0 petrol “turbo four”, which produces 218 hp. and 340 Nm (in China – 224 hp, the same torque). This motor is also listed on the model page on the website. But for some reason, in the booklet there is a 1.5 turbo engine (but with the same output) – apparently, this is a typo. Be that as it may, the engine is “powered” by the AI-95, it works in tandem with the classic six-speed “automatic” (in China, the crossover still has 8AKP). In any case, the drive is only front.

1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4

According to the FAW website, in Russia the Bestune T99 will be offered in Exclusive and Luxury trim levels. The list of standard equipment includes: LED optics, 20-inch wheels, “leather” interior, dual-zone climate control, combined virtual tidy and touchscreen multimedia systems (each screen is 12.3 inches), heated and ventilated front seats, panoramic sunroof in the roof, front and side airbags, curtain airbags, all-round cameras, cruise control. The “luxury” version gets adaptive “cruise”, auto-braking, lane keeping and monitoring “blind” zones. .jpg” />

The recommended price of the FAW Bestune T99 Exclusive on the website is 2,950,000 rubles, the Luxury version is 3,040,000 rubles. However, we note once again that the Russian office of FAW itself has not yet made any official statements about prices.

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