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    Crossover Chery TJ-1, which is expected in Russia, appeared on new official photos

    At home, they will definitely offer an SUV with a brutal look, but they can bring a more “calm” version to us, and it is possible that that under a different brand.

    First, this Chery cross was lit up on spy shots, then there were renders, and the official premiere of the model was held last spring: in the Celestial Empire, it is still represented under the TJ-1 index, the trade name has not yet been announced. By the way, after the presentation, the SUV was “leaked” by the Chinese Ministry of Industry. Now, Cherie has embarked on a new stage in promoting her SUV: live branded photos have been published.

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    Recall that in China the SUV is certified in two design versions – “calm” and with a more brutal look. And it is the second option that Chery itself is actively promoting now. Such a TJ-1 has massive bumpers and its own radiator grill, and instead of the usual emblem, there are inscriptions with the brand name (large letters in front, smaller letters in the back). From the common for both modifications – a three-tier head optics (diode running lights with “pixel” sections are located on top), exterior mirrors on legs, retractable door handles and taillights made in the form of a single die (also with “pixels”).

    Chery TJ-1 with a “calm” design

    According to the documents of the PRC Ministry of Industry, the length of the TJ-1 is 4538 mm (most likely, we are talking about a brutal crossover), the wheelbase is 2672 mm. Meanwhile, the well-known Chery Tiggo 7 Pro has a distance between the axes of only 2 mm less, that is, the models are possibly unified.

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    Inside, there are separate instrument screens and multimedia systems, while the second tablet was made vertical. Airflow deflectors are hidden in a single line, the crossover also received a two-story central tunnel. Chery TJ-1 also promises a panoramic sunroof, head-up display, heated and ventilated seats (plus a massager), all-round cameras, adaptive cruise control.

    In the home market, the novelty will be offered with a 1.6 TGDI petrol turbo four (197 hp) and a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. The model will have all-wheel drive. In addition, in China, the TJ-1 will also receive a hybrid version based on a 1.5 turbo engine.

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    In China, sales start is scheduled for the third quarter of this year . The model will also be sent for export, and in some places it will appear under the new Jaecoo brand: this will be the “calm” version mentioned above. The crossover is also expected to reach Russia, most likely under a sub-brand. Although it is possible that Chery will decide to sell both versions here: a “restrained” SUV can come as a Jaecoo, a brutal one as a model of the parent company.

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