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    Skoda stopped production at the plant in Kvasiny, Czech Republic for a week

    Skoda begins suspending production today for at least one week at its plant in Kvasiny, in north-eastern Czech Republic. She also noted that a partial cessation of car production is also possible at the Mladá Boleslav plant, which is located in the central part of the country.

    According to Povolna, the Skoda partner company previously supplied components for internal combustion engines from Slovenia. Meanwhile, the production of electric vehicles at the company's factories will be increased from 500 to 550 cars per day.

    Jaroslav Povšík, leader of the Skoda employee union, emphasized that the reduction in production at the company's factories in the Czech Republic will affect all car models with internal combustion engines. However, the situation may improve next week, when supplies from Slovenia are expected to resume. At the moment, Skoda representatives are also working to coordinate the supply of necessary components from China.

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