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    The luxury sedan Voyah Passion, also available in the Russian Federation, received a new version with its own design

    A hybrid four-door is being prepared to enter the market. This model has an original “face”; the stern has also been modified, but slightly. According to preliminary data, the total output of the new version is 530 hp, and the maximum range exceeds 1200 km.

    The Voyah brand was created by the Chinese concern Dongfeng specifically for expensive electrified cars. The first-born was the Free crossover, then it was joined by the Dreamer minivan (in Russia it’s Dream), and at the end of last year the third model debuted – a sedan, which in its homeland is called Zhuiguang (aka Chasing Light), and in our country is known as Passion (before He arrived in Russia in May of this year). The four-door is currently being sold exclusively as an electric car, but the range will soon be expanded: branded images of the hybrid version have been published.

    Hybrid sedan Voyah Passion 1/2 Hybrid sedan Voyah Passion 2/2

    The new version has its own design. So, in front, instead of a plug, a radiator grille appeared, strewn with many elements repeating the Voyah emblem. The bumper was also retouched, and the hybrid Voyah Zhuiguang/Passion lost its pronounced “beak”. The stern has also been modified, albeit slightly: the trunk lid is divided in two by an additional light. Finally, the new version got the original wheels. Like the electric car, the hybrid has air suspension.

    Hybrid sedan Voyah Passion 1/3 Hybrid sedan Voyah Passion 2/3 Hybrid sedan Voyah Passion 3/3

    According to preliminary information, the dimensions have not changed: the length of the sedan is 5088 mm, width – 1970 mm, height – 1515 mm, wheelbase – 3000 mm.

    The interior of the hybrid Voyah Passion has not yet been shown. Most likely, the four-door retained the display across the entire width of the front panel and a separate screen on which the climate control is displayed. But the central tunnel could well be remade in the style of the restyled Voyah Free crossover: in this case, it will feature two platforms for wireless charging of smartphones (the steering column lever will be responsible for controlling the transmission).

    Voyah Passion Hybrid Sedan

    Chinese specialized media write that the hybrid installation includes two electric motors (front and rear, that is, the sedan has all-wheel drive) and a 1.5 petrol turbo-four (136 hp). The internal combustion engine operates exclusively in generator mode to recharge the 43 kWh battery. The total output of the new version is supposedly 530 hp. and 790 Nm. On electric power alone, the hybrid Voyah Zhuiguang/Passion will be able to travel 262 km on the CLTC cycle, with a maximum range of 1227 km.

    Electric sedan Voyah Passion 1/5 Electric sedan Voyah Passion 2/5 Voyah Passion 3/5 Electric Sedan /> Electric sedan Voyah Passion 4/5 Electric sedan Voyah Passion 5/5

    The hybrid will be released on the Chinese market before the end of this year, prices have not yet been announced. An electric sedan at home will cost at least $44,300. It is possible that later the hybrid Voyah Passion will reach Russia. Well, our electric car now costs from 8,490,000 rubles.

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