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    Volkswagen officially announced the “ninth” Golf and other new products until 2028

    Volkswagen spoke about what new products will be launched in the coming years at its two largest plants in Germany – in Wolfsburg and in Zwickau. These include the new all-electric Golf, the long-awaited Trinity flagship project and a mainstream electric crossover. has repeatedly reported that the launch schedule for many new electric vehicles of the Volkswagen concern (including under the brand of the same name) was disrupted due to a management crisis in the IT division of Cariad, which is developing an integrated next-generation operating system for all brands of the concern . This crisis led to changes in the top management of the concern and an extension of the life cycle of the MEB modular platform. Previously, it was assumed that the MEB would be replaced by the new SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) platform in 2024; now its launch will be shifted closer to the end of the current decade.

    The key model on the SSP platform should be the Trinity project, announced in 2021 – it will be a kind of analogue of the Tesla Model 3 with a number of innovative solutions in the field of software and technology. It was planned to build a new plant in the Warmenau area of ​​Wolfsburg for the production of Trinity and other SSP models, but last fall Volkswagen announced that it had frozen the project for this plant, and now it has been canceled altogether – the SSP models will be distributed among the concern’s existing production facilities. Thus, the Trinity project will be sent to the plant in Zwickau, where today the main array of MEB models is produced, and the production of the new, all-electric, ninth-generation VW Golf, which will also receive the SSP platform, will be launched at the existing head plant in Wolfsburg.

    Volkswagen plant in Zwickau

    The current “eighth” Golf will be the last “hydrocarbon” in the history of the model; next year it will enter the market updated version, it will remain in production until 2027 inclusive. The electric successor will likely be called ID. Golf, it is expected around 2028, the official date of its entry into the market has not yet been announced. The Trinity project also does not yet have a clear timeline.

    It is curious that VW's latest press release confirmed its intention to start production of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric hatchback at its head plant in Wolfsburg this year – this is a rather strange decision given the news of the suspension of production of this model at other factories due to low demand. The ID.3 is currently assembled at the Zwickau plant, at the Glass Manufactory in Dresden (Germany) and in China at the SAIC-VW joint venture in Anting (part of Shanghai). Four plants for a not-so-successful model is clearly too much, so most likely the launch of the ID.3 means clearing the site in Zwickau for other models. The glass manufactory in Dresden, according to rumors, will soon be closed altogether as economically ineffective, and in China, Volkswagen, as you know, wants to switch to local, Chinese platforms. Whether the ID.3 has a future in the Chinese market is still unclear.

    Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg

    Still in the new press release states that a new mass-produced A-class electric crossover will be launched in Wolfsburg in 2026 – also unexpected news, since last year the company promised a new compact electric crossover of the VW Tiguan class (this is a C-class) on the MEB+ platform , which will complement the existing ID.4 and ID.5 crossovers. The latest press release does not mention the new compact crossover, but it does say that in 2025 the successor to the Tiguan Allspace, that is, a new mid-size crossover, will be registered in Wolfsburg.

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