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    Cardi B Withdraws Biden's Support Over Military Aid to Ukraine and Israel

    Photograph: Andrew Kelly/ReutersCardi B withdraws Biden support over military aid to Ukraine and Israel

    Rapper expresses disappointment over cuts Hometown New York budget as Washington votes to increase funding for foreign wars

    Three years after supporting Joe Biden's victorious 2020 campaign, outspoken rap superstar Cardi B withdrew her support from the president following government service cuts in her hometown of New York.

    The Grammy winner, whose legal name is Belcalis Almanzar, announced on Instagram Live that she was done with Biden. Her tirade highlighted what she called the contradiction between US domestic and foreign policy, saying the White House was helping Ukraine fight Russia and Israel fight Hamas, while New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced last week cuts to municipal budget by 5%.

    Biden celebrates birthday as polls show struggle with TrumpRead more

    Adams said cuts would affect schools, libraries and the New York Police Department, among other things and sanitation.

    As Cardi B said: “In New York, there is a $120 million budget cut that will affect schools, public libraries and the police department.

    “And cutting the sanitation budget by $5 million… We'll be drowning in… rats.

    Adams warned last week that further cuts would be needed without additional funding from Washington to cope with the surge in migrants in New York.

    “Migrant costs are rising, tax revenue growth is slowing, and [Covid-19] stimulus funding is drying up,” Adams said in a statement.

    “No city should have to deal with a national humanitarian crisis largely on its own, and without the significant and timely support we need from Washington, today's budget will be just the beginning.”

    But the Biden administration has not agreed to Adams' request for funding amid growing domestic discontent over multibillion-dollar funding for Ukrainian defense against a Russian invasion and Israel's conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

    NBC Poll, released Sunday showed Biden's approval rating had dropped to 40%, the lowest level of his presidency. The poll found that the vast majority of voters disapprove of his foreign policy.

    The steepest drop in support occurred among voters ages 18 to 34, with 70% saying they disapproved of his behavior Biden in the war in Gaza.

    Cardi B, who memorably helped promote Biden's successful run for the White House in 2020, has vowed that she will no longer endorse political candidates in the future.

    “I'm more don't support any presidents,” Cardi B warned. “Joe Biden is saying, 'Yeah, we can fund two wars'… talking about, 'Yeah, we got it, we're the greatest nation.' No… that's not true. We don't get it. , and we're going through some shit right now. So say it!”

    She added: “We're really, really, really screwed right now. No, we can't fund these… war.”

    Cardi B asked if the US was going broke, then responded, “Yes, it is. We don't have McDonald's money.”

    In a final rebuke of Biden's leadership on economic and foreign policy, she said: “Feed it…to someone else, wink, but you can't feed it to me.” She then promised to “get to the bottom of it.”

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