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    Where to go in the city in summer. The best exhibitions of the season

    MOSCOW, June 3, Zhanna Staritsyna. Summer is the holiday season, but not for museums and galleries. About the most striking exhibitions of the hot season, which are worth visiting, see the material .

    Such different Vasnetsovs

    The Tretyakov Gallery's grandiose project “The Vasnetsovs. Connection of Generations. From the 19th to the 21st Century” occupied three floors of the building on Krymsky Val. The works of three representatives of the dynasty were collected here. The most famous – Viktor Mikhailovich – has been familiar with his fairy-tale and folklore works “Bogatyrs”, “Flying Carpet” and “Alyonushka” since his school days. Along with them, at the exhibition you can see family portraits and sketches for the paintings of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv, including a huge sketch for the drum of the dome.

    < br />

    "In the hall dedicated to Victor Mikhailovich’s painting of the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv, we tried to create a sacred church atmosphere. You can go up to the choir and see the masterpieces from above,” said exhibition designer Alexandra Sheiner.

    The artist’s younger brother Apollinarius Mikhailovich was interested in the life of Ancient Rus'. At the age of 13, he was left an orphan and did not receive a systematic art education. But it is precisely from his cycle “Old Moscow” that one can imagine what the capital used to look like. The grandson of Viktor Vasnetsov Andrey is one of the founders of the harsh style. He depicted the ordinary life of Soviet citizens on a monumental scale.

    The exhibition runs until November 4, 2024.
    Address: st. Krymsky Val, 10.

    Malevich Square and QR code

    The squares of Kazimir Malevich, created more than a hundred years ago, still influence the art environment – paintings and installations are created based on them, and exhibitions are organized. The work, which was supposed to mark the end of painting, on the contrary, gave impetus to new experiments. “Square and Space. From Malevich to GES-2” explores the universal shape of the square and its images in the modern world, for example in the form of QR codes. Visitors will walk through 12 sections – guests will see unexpected parallels between the works of Ivan Aivazovsky, Eric Bulatov, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alexander Deineka, Jasper Johns, Anselm Kiefer, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Alexander Rodchenko and other artists.


    "The starting point becomes the breakthrough "Black Square" Malevich, who had a huge influence on all world art, and the exhibition ends with one of the best works by Ilya Kabakov, who created the concept of a total installation. From the plane of the canvas with a black square to the immersion in the space of the architecture of “GES-2” and being inside the artifact – this is the path that the viewer will follow,” noted exhibition curator Zelfira Tregulova.

    The exhibition runs from June 20 to October 27, 2024.

    Address: Bolotnaya embankment, 15.

    A Journey into the World of Marc Chagall

    The exhibition “Waiting for a Miracle. Dedication to Marc Chagall” at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is based on his book “My Life”.
    “”Despite the difficult fate, Marc Chagall has always been an author whose work makes you immerse yourself in childhood memories. The new exhibition of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is made for the whole family: a journey through the world of childhood will inspire parents to have lively conversations with their children and allow them to spend interesting time together “, said VTB Senior Vice President Natalya Kochneva.

    < br />

    The exhibition consists of seven sections that recreate iconic places for the artist. They became the source of inspiration for his paintings and graphic works. At the exhibition, visitors will see the master’s home in Vitebsk with animals from the shadow theater and a Parisian workshop with a traveling circus. For a more immersive experience, viewers will even be invited to dress up in a circus costume and imagine themselves as a famous juggler. Each guest will be provided with a guide to independently explore the exhibition.

    The exhibition runs until September 6, 2024.
    Address: st. Obraztsova, 11, building 1A.

    What are you afraid of?

    Winzavod. Gravity is a new direction of the contemporary art center. In the first exhibition “What are you afraid of?” 28 authors – graduates of the Winzavod Open Studios – talk about their fears. The artists are afraid of death, loss of loved ones and loss of their own identity, emptiness, unpredictability, failure. Anastasia Antipova, Misha Goodvin, Vasilisa Lebedeva, Katika, Slava Nesterov and other participants shoot videos, make installations, knit, paint with oil and acrylic.

    < br />

    “”In the gallery space, waiting areas are created from fabric screens with benches for two. Experiencing a constant fear of getting close to other people, fear of distances and distances between them, trying to find utopian means of connecting people, I explore social disunity, creating a fantasy space for two,” — artist Anastasia Antipova spoke about her work.
    The exhibition runs until March 31, 2024.

    Address: 4th Syromyatnichesky Lane, 1/8.

    First Russian gloss about a beautiful life

    The exhibition at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, “The Magazine of a Beautiful Life,” is based on a study of the first Russian glossy magazine, “Capital and Estate,” which was published from the end of 1913 to 1917. It was based on English counterparts and was intended for wealthy members of high society to become a reference point in the world of luxury. His program stated: “A beautiful life is not available to everyone, but it still exists.”


    “The editors of the magazine turned to the past of Russian culture, to the Pushkin era, in the first half of the 19th century, because it was in it that they saw the highest manifestation of grace and taste. In this way, a new view of aesthetics was formed, a way of life that surrounded not only representatives of the old noble families, but also the emerging bourgeois class, so that it could organically fit into the new conditions for it, preserving the traditions of the past,” says art critic and curator Olga Yurkina.< /p>

    Visitors will see paintings that were reproduced on the covers of the magazine, works Nikolai Feshin, Alexander Makovsky, Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva and other artists, as well as reviews of exhibitions that took place at that time in St. Petersburg.
    The exhibition runs from June 20 to October 6, 2024.
    Address: Leningradsky Prospekt , no. 15, p. 11.

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