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    The Tank 500 frame SUV will have a new version in Russia with a more powerful engine

    The list of differences of the new version of the Chinese SUV includes an additional fuel tank. The total maximum mileage without refueling exceeds 1100 km. The price of this version will be announced later.

    The Celestial brand Tank is part of the Great Wall concern. The role of her first-born on the Russian market was played by the Tank 300, which reached dealers in March 2023. Later, another model was added to the local line – the large frame SUV Tank 500. Now this model is presented in the Russian Federation in three versions: Adventure and Premium, which have a traditional internal combustion engine under the hood, and Urban with a hybrid installation. Now the fourth version is being prepared for its debut in the Russian Federation – Tank 500 Blacktrail.

    In the photo: Tank 500 Blacktrail

    The new version is visually different from those already presented on the Russian market due to tinted headlights, as well as an all-black exterior design (darkened decor replaced chrome elements), which is complemented by bright accents in the form of red brake calipers. The radiator grille, rims, plastic trim on the rear bumper, as well as the spare wheel case located on the tailgate are painted black.

    Another difference between the Tank 500 Blacktrail is its technology. This frame SUV is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 petrol twin-turbo six with combined fuel injection. The output is 354 hp, and the maximum torque is 500 Nm. For comparison, the Adventure and Premium with the same engine have a power of 299 hp. (torque is the same). The engine is paired with a non-alternative nine-speed automatic transmission.

    Like other versions, the Blacktrail has an intelligent all-wheel drive system (Torque-on-Demand) and locking rear and front differentials. Another feature of the new version is the presence of two fuel tanks: the main one has a capacity of 80 liters, and the additional one – 50 liters. As a result, the total maximum mileage without refueling for such an SUV exceeds 1,100 km.

    Information about the equipment of the new version will appear later. Let us remind you that the list of standard equipment of the model includes three-zone climate control, heating functions, electric front seat adjustments, adaptive cruise control and a set of electronic assistants. Most likely, the Blacktrail variant will also receive an electrically adjustable steering column, a power running board, a panoramic roof and additional active safety systems.

    In the photo: interior of the Tank 500

    It is known that the Tank 500 Blacktrail will be the top version in the family of frame SUVs with the 500 index, presented on the Russian market today. The start of sales of the new product is scheduled for next month. The price will be announced later. Note that today the recommended retail price of the 2024 Adventure and Urban variants is 6,499,000 rubles, and the purchase of Premium will cost at least 7,099,000 rubles.

    In the future, the Russian Tank line will be expanded : reported at the end of last year that new frame SUVs of the brand will be brought to the Russian Federation.

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