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    At least eight people died during the storming of parliament in Kenya

    Protesters hold the Kenyan flag after storming parliament. Photo: LUIS TATO/AFP Protesters oppose tax hikes in a country already reeling from a cost-of-living crisis. Photo: Brian Inganga/AP Kenya Police and Security Personnel take position to protect the Parliament complex. Photo: LUIS TATO/AFP

    The demonstrations have been largely peaceful and Mr Ruto said over the weekend he was willing to talk to protesters.

    But tensions escalated Tuesday afternoon as crowds began throwing rocks at police and pushing against barricades. made their way to the parliament complex, which was cordoned off by riot police.

    When water cannons and tear gas failed to disperse the crowd, the police opened fire with live ammunition.

    Videos posted on social media showed protesters eating in the parliament cafeteria, walking through the streets with a ceremonial mace and trampling on flags inside parliament.

    Kenyan outlet KTN TV reported that he had received death threats. blackout from the government if it continues to cover the protests.

    “No threats will intimidate us,” the 24-hour news channel said.

    Protesters eat in the parliament canteen reserved for politicians

    The Kenya Human Rights Commission shared a video of officers shooting at protesters and said they would be held accountable, while also calling on Mr Ruto to immediately order a “stop of killings”.

    Anger against the government has spread across the country.

    Protesters reportedly tried to storm a government building in the western town of Nakuru, and there were reportedly clashes in the town of Kisumu, on the western shore of the lake.

    The governor of Mombasa, Kenya's second-largest city, joined protesters outside his office and expressed his support.

    Protesters scatter. as Kenyan police spray water cannon on them Photo: Brian Inganga/AP Protesters retreat from a cloud of tear gas Photo: TONY KARUMBA/AFP < p>Protesters burned down the office of the ruling party in Embu in central Kenya, the Nation newspaper reported. Citizen TV showed footage from Nyeri in central Kenya, where police confronted protesters in the smoking streets.

    The government said tax increases were needed to finance services without adding to the debt burden.

    Proposals first included A 16 percent sales tax on bread and a 25 percent duty on vegetable oil.

    In response to protests, the government opposed these and other measures, but an amended bill was passed. on Tuesday that still included tax increases.

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