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    On the way to India

    Among the participants in the expanded negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were representatives of the Russian rail equipment manufacturer TMH JSC. In March last year, the company won an international tender for the development, production and servicing of 120 Vande Bharat electric trains for 35 years for the needs of Indian Railways, worth up to $6.5 billion. The corresponding contract was signed in September of the same year between Indian Railways and the Russian-Indian company created to implement the project.

    The Indian railway network is one of the most extensive and the fourth largest in the world. In the 2022-2023 financial year, the number of passengers on Indian Railways increased by more than 80%, reaching 6.23 billion, compared to 3.44 billion in the 2021-2022 financial year. In this regard, the Indian railway system needs a global transformation and reliable partners, one of which will be played by Russia's TMH.

    Thus, in June 2024, TMH took control of a plant in Latur (Maharashtra state), which will be equipped with a modern assembly line for the production of new electric trains. The company has also launched an engineering center in Hyderabad and will modernize three service depots in Delhi, Jodhpur and Bengaluru for subsequent maintenance of railway equipment. When selecting suppliers, preference will be given to regional manufacturers, and local workforce development programs will be supported.

    In line with India's national strategy Viksit Bharat @2047, TMH will place special emphasis on creating employment opportunities for local people. Taking into account suppliers, this is more than 10 thousand jobs.

    The goal of Viksit Bharat @2047 is to transform India into a developed nation by 2047. In the context of the development of Indian Railways, a comprehensive plan is envisaged, which, among other things, involves the construction of a high-speed railway corridor, modernization of existing tracks, improvement of station equipment, technological renewal, transition to modern information exchange systems and the introduction of sustainable development programs.

    < p class="doc__text">By 2047, Indian Railways expects to become the world leader in the field of rail transport, which will be an additional stimulus for economic growth and improving the living standards of the population.

    The Indian economy is showing record growth rates. India's GDP grew above 8% for three consecutive quarters in fiscal 2023-24, according to Fitch Ratings. Already, the country’s economy ranks fifth in the list of largest in the world, and in the near future, according to experts, it may reach third and even second place. One of the most important conditions for such a breakthrough is a modern, stable and safe transport system.

    More comfort and safety for passengers

    It is expected that electric trains Vande Bharat will provide a new level of comfort on long-distance routes, as well as reducing average travel time. Distributed traction will allow these trains to quickly gain speed (up to 160 km/h) and brake. The trains will be equipped with regenerative braking systems and on-board diagnostics.

    Passengers will appreciate additional sound insulation, modern automatic doors with touch controls, sealed inter-car passages, as well as sleeping areas and toilets for people with disabilities.

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