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    The Sollers ST8 frame pickup truck debuted in Russia

    The pilot batch of trucks will be released before the end of this year. Moreover, production will be established not in Vladivostok, where today the junior ST6 pickup truck is made, but at the facilities of UAZ.

    As part of the Innoprom exhibition that opened the day before in Yekaterinburg, the Sollers company held the premiere of the Sollers ST8 frame pickup truck. This model will be one step higher than another truck of the brand – Sollers ST6. But if the junior pickup truck is produced by a company in Vladivostok (previously the plant made Mazdas), then the production of the flagship using full-cycle technology will be launched in Ulyanovsk – at the industrial site of UAZ (also part of Sollers).

    As with the Sollers ST6, the ST8 was based on the JAC model: the donor was the JAC T8 Pro pickup (the ST6 is made from the JAC T6). At the same time, the new Sollers received an original radiator grille. The company’s press service said that the ST8 “will receive a power unit completely localized in Russia and a domestic component base.” The model will be offered with a diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission, which are already produced at Sollers group plants in Elabuga and Trans-Volga region “with a high level of localization of all basic parts.”

    Sollers ST8 1/2 Sollers ST8 2/2

    The Sollers ST8 pickup will be available with all-wheel drive. The declared ground clearance is 210 mm. Load capacity – 900 kg. The new product is also promised modern security systems and electronic driver assistants. And these are all the official details for now.

    The pilot batch of ST8 will be released before the end of this year, and the start of sales is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025.

    There are no official photos of the interior of the Sollers ST8 pickup truck yet. This picture shows the interior of the JAC T8 Pro: it is assumed that inside the new Sollers product repeated the original

    Recall that the junior Sollers ST6 truck is equipped with a 2.0 petrol turbo engine (176 hp) and a diesel engine of the same volume (136 hp), both equipped with 6MT, the model has all-wheel drive. The T8 Pro pickup truck, a donor for the Sollers ST8, is still present in the Russian JAC line: this model is offered with a 2.4 petrol turbo engine (204 hp). In addition, JAC sells “just” the T8 – with 2.0 petrol and diesel engines (177 and 136 hp, respectively). Probably, with the launch of Sollers ST8, the T8 family will be removed from the JAC range (this was the case with the JAC T6).

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