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    Nutritionists have identified the effect of this product on weight loss

    Nuts have beneficial effects on the human digestive system

    A recent study examined the effects of calorie-restricted diets enriched with nuts on body composition, weight and blood sugar levels. Nutritionists often recommend calorie-restricted diets. Nutrient-rich nuts can help meet these needs.

    Despite their high energy content, nuts can be useful in weight loss diets. Their effects on glycemic indices vary, and it is unclear whether their inclusion in low-calorie diets can further improve blood sugar control.

    In the new study, researchers assessed whether including nuts in a calorie-restricted diet affected anthropometric measurements and blood sugar levels in overweight or obese people. Restricting energy intake was achieved by setting a precise calorie target or reducing intake by 240 to 1000 kilocalories below the daily requirement.

    Although calorie restriction can lead to significant weight loss, adding nuts resulted in greater weight loss in four of seven studies. Experts found that a calorie-restricted diet enriched with nuts could lead to weight loss ranging from -22.6 to -19.5 kilograms. The additional benefits of a nut-enriched diet varied depending on the timing of nut intake and the anthropometric measurement methods used.

    Nuts contain essential fatty acids, which can improve blood sugar levels by reducing levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and insulin resistance. Low in carbohydrates, high in unsaturated fat, fiber, B vitamins, magnesium and protein promote fat oxidation, slow the stomach and reduce post-meal glucose levels. They also increase satiety, preserve muscle mass, and reduce resting energy expenditure associated with weight loss.

    The study found little evidence to support the benefits of nuts for body composition or blood sugar control. Although there were varying effects on weight loss and blood sugar control when adding nuts to a calorie-restricted diet, no negative effects were observed. All analyzes showed that a calorie-restricted diet improved body weight through different effects on glucose and insulin levels.

    Scientists have yet to evaluate the duration and macronutrient content of nuts, as well as the effects of different types and amounts of nuts on weight, body composition and blood sugar levels in different population groups.

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