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    Putin ally says US wants to seize Russia if Yellowstone erupts

    Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. over Russia to save the American establishment from the apocalyptic volcanic eruption it expects to happen in Wyoming.

    Nikolai Patrushev, chairman of the Russian Security Council and former head of the FSB, is known for spinning conspiracies of theories that reportedly influenced the thinking of the Russian president and led, among other things, to the disastrous invasion of Ukraine.

    In an interview with Izvestiya on Wednesday, the 71-year-old former KGB officer reiterated his earlier claim that Russia is in the way of “the West trying to build its own world order.”

    Nikolay Patrushev is known for spouting conspiracy theories that reportedly influenced Vladimir Putin's thinking. Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/Getty Images

    Asked by a correspondent about a recent volcanic eruption in Russia's Far East, Mr. Patrushev cited alleged research suggesting that the Yellowstone megavolcano in Wyoming would soon erupt, causing an “unprecedented catastrophe” that could mean “the death of all living beings in North America.” inevitable.”

    He went on to suggest that Washington's “aggressive” plans for Russia could be linked to a potential apocalyptic eruption.

    “Some people in America insist that Eastern Europe and Siberia will be the safest places on Earth in the event of a possible eruption,” he said.

    “This seems to be the answer to the question why the Anglo-Saxon elites are eager to capture the (Russian) core.”

    Plans to seize Siberia

    Mr. Patrushev accused Washington of plotting to attack Russia long before Mr. Mr. Putin has publicly accepted this position.

    In his perhaps most famous conspiracy theory, Mr. Patrushev claimed in 2015 that Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, was plotting to seize Siberia and the Far East from Russia .

    Mr. Patrushev's extraordinary statement dates back to a 2006 interview with a retired KGB general who said he was involved in a top-secret occult project that managed to read Ms. Albright's mind.

    Recent reports suggest President Putin has become increasingly paranoid and made the decision to invade Ukraine after spending several months in his official residence in 2020 sheltering from the raging Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Patrushev was reportedly one of the few officials he met on a regular basis.

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