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    Tesla says it will step up driver monitoring to track yawns and blinks

    Tesla is reportedly beefing up monitoring of drivers in their vehicles, and the system now monitors yawns, blinks, and more to determine how sleepy a driver is. Ever since Teslaintroduced a interior view camera in 2021 , it has been using it to track eye movements to make sure the driver is watching the road and not  ;"hangs" in phone.

    Since then, the automaker has made several improvements, including tougher penalties for distracted driving by disabling the use of autopilot for those users who may engage in other driving activities.

    Now, however, Tesla is reportedly going up a notch. According to hacker @greentheonly, the automaker now tracks things like yawns and blinks.

    “It looks like Tesla is planning to significantly increase driver monitoring (based on cameras). Now they keep track of additional things, like how many times the driver has yawned lately, how many blinks. All this in order to calculate how sleepy the driver is, — wrote a hacker in social networks.

    It is noted that code is being added, but  as far as I can tell, it does apply to anything of the user interface. Interestingly, increased tracking occurs not only when autopilot or FSD is active, but and when Tesladrivers are driving with manual control.

    It's not yet clear what Tesla plans to do if a driver is declared unfit to drive when driver assists are disabled.

    Tesla is paying more attention driver health monitoring now, probably because it is more useful for Level 2 and Level 3 autonomy, which are more realistic goals in the short term.< /p>

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