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    BlackRock orders employees to return to the office as companies refuse to work from home

    Blackrock CEO Larry Fink has previously warned that companies cannot expect workers to come to terms with the end of flexible working after the pandemic. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg.

    The return to the workplace suggests the pandemic-driven transition to remote work may be easing as bosses seek to return to pre-pandemic norms.

    A BlackRock memo added: “We felt the energy being generated by that we are together, in our large offices, in our new premises, as well as in our small close-knit communities around the world. This energy and power of horizontal collaboration is what makes BlackRock so special…

    “By inviting our people into the room to watch and contribute, we nurture the next generation of leaders and stay ahead of our customers.”# 39; needs.

    “When fast-paced events of great customer interest occur, our teams physically together to find solutions, seize opportunities and learn from each other make the difference.”

    BlackRock works about 20,000 employees in more than 30 countries.

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