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Boris Johnson 'walked from room to room at No. 10 apologizing for the party'

Boris Johnson told MPs he was “appalled” by the treatment of security guards and cleaners during quarantine parties. Photo: Jonathan Brady/Pennsylvania.

Boris Johnson went into every room at number 10 to apologize to the staff for going out to the party, according to his former PR manager.

Guto Harry recalled how Mr Johnson directly expressed his remorse after Sue Gray's caucus report was released in May 2022.

The former prime minister told MPs he was 'appalled' by the appeal with security guards and cleaners during parties.

On the third edition of his LBC podcast “Unprecedented”, Mr Harry said: “He was offended referring to the fact that it was caused by individuals, men and women in No. 10 who worked hard.

“When he [Johnson] returned from the Commons, I suggested that we go to see the real victims, and we did.

“And to his credit, he went into each of these rooms and said:“ I'm sorry, I had no idea what you went through. And it's unforgivable and no one should put up with it, especially in a place like this.”

“The answer was very encouraging. Almost to a man and a woman, they made it clear: “sir, you have never been rude to us, you have been poorly served.” himself, although he was carrying a jar.”

Mr Harry went on to say that Downing Street guards had received the apology with 'utter bewilderment', with some responding that no one had ever been 'rude' to them.

'Haven't we all heard enough already?' p>He also expressed skepticism about a new police investigation into partygate, which was launched amid allegations that Mr. Johnson violated lockdown rules at his supportive home.

“I'm struggling to understand that it's in anyone's interest to open a whole new front with allegations of wrongdoing at the prime minister's official country residence, Checkers, raking the same old ground and further postponing the privileges committee's decision,” he said. .

“Haven’t we heard enough and made a decision yet? We'll see.”

Mr Johnson vehemently denied the new allegations of breaking the rules, and his political allies branded the new investigation a “defamation.”

Elsewhere, Mr. Harry revealed Mr. -well The night before Sue Gray's report, Johnson had a “tantrum”.

Its publication followed a police investigation that resulted in Mr. Johnson being fined one time for having a “birthday” in Cabinet on June 19, 2020.

“As Boris put it, the media felt cheated by the scalp. so they turned to Sue Gray to get the next bullet,” Mr. Harry told listeners.

“He expected her to be tough, but he also expected her to be fair, and that changed . Boris was under pressure, and sometimes emotions spilled out, defeating reason.

“Destroyer of the Nation”

In addition to Mr Johnson labeling Ms Gray “psycho-psycho”, Mr Harry added: “Another time she was a 'destroyer of the nation' trying to make us.” -Party Privileges Committee on whether Mr Johnson continues to deliberately and recklessly introduce Parliament over the Party. by-election.

Mr. Harry insisted that the Conservative MPs' vote to approve the committee's work would be a game-losing moment for the Johnson administration.

“The police have already investigated, Sue Gray has already investigated. The party already had the opportunity to vote against Boris. After all this, they were still saying that they needed one last try to allow political opponents to overthrow Boris.

“It was a moment for me when I thought that this party would self-destruct. This is the mass suicide of Conservative MPs.

“This is the moment when they demonstrate their penchant for self-mutilation and their willingness to see one of the most successful leaders they have ever had – in terms of electoral victory, at least destroyed.”

Mr Harry also called a party for Downing Street officials on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral “inexcusable.”

“I think that was the moment when it got stratospheric, although that was also the moment it became clear that Boris Johnson was not the prime suspect. Because he wasn't even in 10th place that time, he was 40 miles away, at his country home in Checkers.

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