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Ron DeSantis is already in fight mode after launching 'broke the internet' campaign

Ron DeSantis shed light on the launch of his Twitter campaign on Wednesday with errors. Photo: Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service

Ron DeSantis kicked off the fight by saying he “broke the internet” after the launch of his presidential campaign on Twitter was marred by technical glitches.

Florida's governor said that the repeated social media outages during his Wednesday night announcement were evidence of voter enthusiasm for his run for the White House.

In a later fundraising video, he said, “This is Gov. Ron DeSantis. I am running for President of the United States to lead our great return to America.

“We announced it on Twitter Spaces… and it blew up the internet because so many people were excited to be on Twitter. space”.

DESANTIS: “It took the internet by storm because so many people were excited to be in this Twitter Space.”

— Voice of Florida (@FLVoiceNews) May 25, 2023

Mr. DeSantis then encouraged supporters to also “break” the fundraising website by making a donation. His campaign said he raised $1 million (£810,000) in the first hour of announcing his candidacy.

They also said that one million people either listened or tried to access the event via the launch of Twitter. causing it to crash repeatedly.

Technical issues overshadowed a conversation with Elon Musk in which the Florida governor detailed his policies.

Mr. DeSantis spoke about how he broke with the orthodox views of Washington because of the response to the pandemic and opposed progressive ideology.

He also insisted that he was well placed to win the general election against Joe Biden. and then could succeed in the office.

Mr. DeSantis said, “There is nothing that can replace a win. We must end the culture of defeat that has infected the Republican Party in recent years. We must look forward, not backward. No more excuses. We have to do it.”

He added: “The Awakening Virus is essentially a form of cultural Marxism. After all, this is an attack on the truth, and since this is a war on the truth, I think we have no choice but to wage war on the awakened.”

After the Twitter debacle, Mr. DeSantis told Fox News that he would not be criticized.

He said: “You can call me whatever you want, just call me a winner. There will be slings and arrows. I'm a big boy, I can handle it.”

Mr. Musk said his Twitter interview was “big news on Earth” that day.

He added, “I call it 'huge attention'.”

< img src="/wp-content /uploads/2023/05/3d5fe83bd9ce258d7f249125511cea24.jpg" /> Ron DeSantis announces his 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter. Credit: AFP

Thursday, in a series of interviews, Mr. DeSantis defended his decision to announce it on Twitter.

He said: “We felt that there would be a lot of noise about it. And I think yesterday it was probably the biggest story in the world. And so we hope that our campaign will be of interest to some people who might not be interested otherwise.”

Mr. DeSantis added: “I think a lot of what he [ Mr. Trump] does, shows everyone that he understands that I have a good chance of beating him because he doesn't criticize anyone anymore. It's just me.”

Mr. Trump said he tuned in to launch Mr. DeSantis, adding, “I tried for the first half hour. After that, everyone just turned it off. I think he got off to a rough start.”

Next week, Mr. DeSantis will return to the traditional campaign trail, heading to the primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina for early voting.< /p>

He will give speeches and talks by the fire during the four-day trip. in a dozen cities and towns from May 30 to June 2.

Generra Peck, his campaign manager, said: “Our campaign is focused on taking the time to win these early-nominating states.

“No one will work harder than Governor DeSantis to share his vision.” with the country. He has just begun to struggle.”

Having begun his campaign for the Republican nomination, Mr. DeSantis is more than 30 points behind Donald Trump on average in recent polls.

He has , has so far largely ignored Trump's long list of attacks on his track record and personality.

DeSantis vs. Trump

But Alex Conant, a Republican strategist who was campaign communications director for Marco Rubio in 2016, said: “The campaign is about to get a lot more intense.

“He [Mr. DeSantis] is not might just lay low in Tallahassee [the capital of Florida] signing bills. Now he must start the campaign, answer questions from the media and fight back against his opponents.”

Mr. DeSantis, without naming Mr. Trump, suggested that all candidates run in the scheduled Republican primary. debate that the former president threatened to boycott.

Florida's governor said, “No one in this world has the right to anything.”

Mr. DeSantis later said that as president, he will consider pardoning Mr. Trump if his rival is charged with the 2021 US Capitol riots.

He said in a radio broadcast: “On the first day, I have people who will come together and consider everything these cases [January 6]."

Mr. DeSantis did not directly commit to pardoning Mr. Trump, but left the option open, saying his review would include cases and #34;no matter how small or big."

Mr Trump is currently under investigation by the Justice Department but has not been charged with the riots.

Meanwhile, Mr. DeSantis' well-funded political action committee, Never Back Down, intends to step up attacks on Mr. DeSantis. Trump.

It will focus on the political differences between the two candidates, claiming that Mr. Trump has “moved to the left” on some issues, including abortion.

David Polyansky, senior adviser to Never Back Down, said: “We are going to amplify him [Mr. DeSantis] and his voice and, if necessary, pit him against the former president. Right now the contrast is such that some are staggering to the left and some are fighting.”

Mr. DeSantis recently signed a six-week abortion ban in Florida.

Mr. Trump called it “harsh” and refuses to say whether he will support a national abortion ban.

The former president and his allies mocked Mr. DeSantis' launch on Twitter, calling him “DeSaster.”

Alex Pfeiffer, a spokesman for the Make America Great Again political action committee, said: “Ron DeSantis' failed campaign launch is yet another example that he is not ready for this critical moment.”

“Voters are not yet don't know Ron DeSantis. . But they will find out that he targeted Social Security, tried to raise taxes and voted against funding the border wall.”

But Dan Eberhart, a donor who previously gave Trump millions of dollars and now supports Mr. DeSantis, said Trump's obsession with DeSantis is proof that the Florida governor is a formidable contender. Trump's biggest fears have just come true.”

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