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    Labor faces calls to return £1.5m donation from major donor Just Stop Oil

    A hostile rugby crowd pelted Just Stop Oil beer during the Premier League final in Twickenham. Credit: AFP

    Suella Braverman accused Sir Keir Starmer of being 'in bed' with Just Stop Oil sponsors as he faced calls to return the £1.5m Labor received from one of the environmental group's main supporters .

    The Home Secretary said the Labor leader was “happy to take wads of cash” in private with Dale Vince, who helped fund the creation of the green protest movement, while publicly condemning its actions.

    She and other senior Tories said there were questions to answer the question of whether Sir Keir became “mitigating crimes” as a result, or received money.

    Their intervention came before Just Stop Oil's more planned actions, which ministers warned would bring “suffering” to ordinary families and workers in London.

    Ms Braverman told the Telegraph: Stop Oil eco-fanatic Keir Starmer and The Labor Party has received £1.5m in donations from the 'green businessman' who funds these selfish protesters.

    “This is the same old Labor Party that is soft on crime and criminals. Sir Keir Starmer claims to be on the side of the hard-working Britons whose lives are being ruined by these idiots, but behind the scenes he's happy to get a ton of money from one of their biggest sponsors. are not a protest party this year – in fact, he is in bed with their sponsors.

    “Perhaps this explains why Sir Keir and his Labor Party have repeatedly voted against our measures to give the police the powers they asked that these eco-fanatics could be removed from our streets and put behind bars.”

    Mr Vince, founder of clean energy company Ecotricity, has donated around £1.5m to Labor over the past decade. He is said to be worth £100 million.

    Greg Hands called on Sir Keir Starmer to return the money.

    His donations include £20,000 to Sir Keir's office and £10,000 in favor of his deputy, Angela Rayner, according to the Electoral Commission.

    How the Just Stop Oil protests caused poverty across the country

    There is no suggestion that Mr. Vince was trying to influence Labor policy through donations.


    Just Stop Oil sparked outrage Thursday when three of its activists sprayed paint all over the garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. Three people were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage in connection with the incident, the Metropolitan Police later said in a statement.

    The climate group is holding its fifth “week of action” in London, during which activists are also slowly walking down the road to stop traffic.

    In a letter to Anneliese Dodds, the Labor party chairman, Mr Hands said that her it is time for the party to return the money donated by Mr. Vince.


    He wrote: “In previous years, this planned action in our capital has caused delays in ambulances and chaos on the roads, causing suffering among Londoners.


    “Since 2014, the Labor Party has received £1.5 million in donations from Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil's biggest donors, Dale Vince.

    “Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner have received £30,000 together. Mr. Vince congratulated Just Stop Oil on their attack at the World Snooker Championship, calling the attack a “good job”. > Traffic has come to a halt in London as Just Stop Oil protesters demonstrate in front of Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster on Saturday. Photo: HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP via Getty Images

    “Given these attacks, I urge you to return these donations. I am concerned about the impact of this money, given the decision of the Labor Party to vote against tougher measures to end the unrest through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.

    “I note that the Labor Party has already given in to the demands put forward by the group , and announced the suspension of new oil and gas and coal projects.

    “I am not writing to discuss the merits of this decision and this letter is not the place to discuss the damage that policy will have to UK tax revenue or job losses. I assure you that the Conservative government will not negotiate with these activists.”

    Just Stop Oil has previously focused on major cultural and sporting events, including Premier League football matches and this year's World Snooker Championship.< /p>

    On Saturday, activists from the group launched a pitch invasion in the middle of the Saracen Rugby Premier League final and the Twickenham Sale.

    Samuel Johnson, 40, from Raydon, Suffolk, and Patrick Hart, 37, from Brislington , Bristol, have been charged with aggravated trespass, the Met said.

    In a statement released after the match, the forces have slammed the group's activities in London in recent weeks and months.

    Dale Vince, chairman of Forest Green Rover FC, is one of the main supporters of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. Posted by Tom Pilston

    Commander Kyle Gordon said: “We have seen 102 Just Stop slow marches across London to date. Oil, which has caused great embarrassment and frustration to those doing business in the city, resulting in 51 arrests to date.

    "Similarly, yesterday's incident at the rugby final will cause disappointment for both players and spectators.

    "With many other developments and visitors to our capital this weekend, we will continue to monitor such incidents and respond quickly.

    "Where protest turns into crime or serious violations, we will take drastic action to ensure that Londoners and visitors to the city can continue to enjoy the holiday weekend."

    On Sunday it was reported that Sir Keir was about to announce that the Labor government would stop exploration for new oil fields and gas in the North Sea.

    < p>The Labor Party has been contacted for comment.

    Sir Keir has previously denied any suggestion that such donations would influence his decisions.

    In April, he said: &#34 He knows that nothing he donates to the Labor Party will affect my opinion on this matter. The fact that he makes donations makes no difference to the hard line I take on Just Stop Oil"

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