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    5. British crocodile expert raped, tortured and killed dozens of dogs


    British crocodile expert raped, tortured and killed dozens of dogs

    Adam Britton (center) with Sir David Attenborough on the set of In Cold Blood for the BBC in 2008

    Famous British expert Crocodiles, who worked with Sir David Attenborough, pleaded guilty to dozens of charges of bestiality, including torture, sexual assault and the murder of more than 40 pet dogs.

    Adam Britton moved from the UK to Australia's Northern Territory as a young man man to continue his interest in saltwater crocodiles, giant predators found in the tropical regions of the country.

    The Darwin-based zoologist wrote books, collaborated on films, made nature documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic and kept a pet saltwater crocodile, weighing half a ton and 16ft long, which he named Smaug.

    But on Monday 51 The year-old man pleaded guilty in the Northern Territory Supreme Court to 60 criminal charges ranging from animal cruelty to rape or attempted rape of a dog and possession and transmission of child abuse material.

    The details of the allegations were so horrific that the judge, Chief Justice Michael Grant, warned those in court that the evidence could cause “nervous shock”.

    In an unusual move, he gave people in the public gallery, journalists and security officials opportunity to leave the courtroom.

    Britton committed “acts that can only be described as grotesque cruelty that were both confrontational and disturbing.” . In my assessment, they are likely to cause nervous shock or some other adverse psychological reaction in a person who learns these details,” the judge said. “In any case, I'll leave it up to you, but the potential has already been described.”

    The wildlife officer, originally from West Yorkshire, was arrested in April last year. The ban order concealed his identity, but it has now been lifted.

    The zoologist wrote books, collaborated on films, and made documentaries about saltwater crocodiles, giant predators living in the tropical regions of northern Australia. Photo: RICHARD GRANDE/AFP via Getty Images

    The court heard that he had a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals, particularly dogs, and that he deliberately killed around 40 animals, operating since at least 2014.< /p>

    The court heard that Britton, who was married for 15 years and received a PhD in zoology from Bristol University, had a shipping container on his property which he called his “torture room”.

    When police raided In the past They discovered a container filled with computers, cameras, external hard drives and sex toys on a rural farm near Darwin.

    Prosecutors said Britton used the container “to torture, sexually exploit and kill dogs.”< /p> Britton's dogs, Ursa and Bolt, posted on his Instagram

    He purchased the pets through the online marketplace Gumtree Australia, assuring their former owners that they would be well cared for.

    “[He] often installed mutual understanding with dog owners, agreeing on custody of their animals, many of whom had to reluctantly give up their pets due to travel or work,” said Crown prosecutor Marty Ost.

    Police also found several files on Britton’s laptop with materials about child abuse.

    Mr Ost said the accused had a Telegram account which he used as a means of communicating with “like-minded people”.

    He had another account through which he uploaded and distributed videos of himself torturing and sexually assaulting dogs. He is accused of sexually abusing his own pet dogs, two Swiss shepherds named Bolt and Ursa.

    Northern Territory Supreme Court heard wildlife expert had 'sadistic sexual interest'; in animals

    One such video was provided to an animal welfare organization, which forwarded it to the police.

    “Using these apps, the criminal reported his 'kill count'… and described a shipping container on his property as his “torture room,” Mr. Ost said.

    In an online message read out in court, Britton wrote to a contact: “I put it down. In the last few years I've released it again and now I can't stop. I don't want to.”

    Britton was for many years a respected academic at Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

    A few years ago, his pet crocodile Smaug appeared in the book Life in the Cold. Blood, a BBC wildlife documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

    “They really wanted to capture two crocodiles copulating underwater. I said, 'Okay, whatever you want, [but] filming in the wild would be almost impossible,'” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2015.

    Britton said he had also collaborated with Bear Grylls. . “To be honest, he was a bit of a bitch (Australian slang for wimp). He was definitely a little apprehensive about meeting Smaug,” he told ABC.

    Britton was taken into custody. The case was adjourned for sentencing in December, when defense lawyers are expected to present their evidence.

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