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    British police move to Australian forces 'backing up' officers shooting suspects

    Paul Papalia, Western Australia's police minister, said he was “shameless”; trying to lure British officers Photo: Kelly Cestari/World Surf League

    Australia is luring British police by telling them it “supports” officers shooting suspects after the Chris Kaba scandal.

    Last week, a Metropolitan officer police have been charged with the murder of Kaba, a 24-year-old black man who was shot dead in south London in September 2022. This accusation led to a police strike.

    comes as Western Australian authorities try to “steal” hundreds of British police officers by luring them with higher pay and the prospect of better protection.

    More than 1,400 officers have already applied for the move since the program launched in February.

    More than 1,400 officers have already applied for the move since the program launched in February.


    “I intend to steal your best people. No shame,” Paul Papalia, Western Australia's police minister, told MailOnline.

    “Western Australia is a great place to live and work. Compared to the UK, we have higher salaries, a lower cost of living and an ideal climate for year-round adventures.

    Mr Papalia said his goal was to hire 150 officers in September and another 150 per year for the next five years. Officials are currently reviewing about 300 applications received.

    Not all Metropolitan Police officers are armed, unlike Western Australian forces . Photo: Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph

    “They come from different forces. I met them all. They are a good crowd,” he said of the first recruits.

    “The response has been overwhelmingly positive, meaning Western Australia Police can select the best of the best.”

    Addressing potential UK applicants directly, he added: “We've got your back, mate.”

    Most British recruits will require firearms training as all police officers in Western Australia are armed.

    “We protect our officers. Everyone has stun guns, Glock pistols and body armor,” Mr. Papalia said.

    He cited a recent shooting where the officers were publicly supported by the police commissioner and local senator within hours of the incident. incident.

    “This is very relevant because yesterday there was a fatal police shooting in Kalgoorlie,” he said.

    Mr Papalia added that he was awaiting the results of a full investigation into the incident , but noted that the officers involved “conducted themselves incredibly well.”

    “I saw the body camera footage,” he said.

    “They acted completely in accordance with their protocols, responsibly and correctly. Unfortunately, they had to shoot someone for their own protection. They did it absolutely correctly.”

    “Cops do not feel supported”

    Officers who fled to Australia, said police chiefs and politicians are “throwing their colleagues in the UK under the bus” amid the scandal surrounding Kaba's murder.

    “As a British officer, I didn’t do that. I feel valued,” said Anna Miller, 38, a mother of three who formerly worked for West Yorkshire Police.

    “In Australia, the public supports their police officers,” she told The Times.< /p>

    One of Ms Miller's former colleagues has also been accepted into the Western Australian force and two others are considering applying, she said.

    “My colleagues and I have the feeling that the officers were I did not support,” Ms. Miller added.

    “As a police officer, they [police chiefs] will happily throw you under the bus to present a positive picture to the public. I don't feel the police feel supported.

    “The biggest thing the police in the UK could do to improve morale is to feel like they have a little support from the media, the government and everyone else. a little.”

    Ms Miller was among the first cohort of 23 British officers sworn into the ranks of Western Australia at a ceremony last week.

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