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    Car registration in the Russian Federation: cars can be registered without compulsory motor liability insurance

    The corresponding bill, which provides for other amendments, was approved by the State Duma in the first reading.

    The package of amendments to The law “On State Registration of Vehicles” was submitted for consideration by the head of the State Duma Committee on Transport, Evgeny Moskvichev. The document assumes that citizens will have the right to deregister a car with the traffic police on the day of its sale if the corresponding purchase and sale agreement was drawn up either through the government services portal or with a notary. So far, the document has been completed in the first reading; by the second, significant changes may be made to it.

    Today, you can remove a sold car from state registration no earlier than ten days from the date of the transaction. Moreover, during the specified period of time, the previous owner receives fines for violations committed by the new owner. It is expected that the proposed amendment will be able to eliminate the presence of such fines “at the wrong address”, and decisions will be sent to the actual owner.

    Another amendment included in the document suggests that new owners will be able to register cars with the state without an issued MTPL policy. Let us remind you that insurance is now included in the package of mandatory documents for registration (along with an application, passport, purchase and sale agreement and a receipt for payment of state fees).

    According to the author of the amendments to the law “On State Registration of Vehicles”, the mandatory presentation of an issued OSAGO policy when registering a vehicle can be waived, since today traffic police officers check the presence of this document among the drivers they stopped on the roads.

    The initiative did not find support in the Russian State Duma Committee on the Financial Market. Thus, its head Anatoly Aksakov recalled that, according to insurers’ calculations, approximately 6 million cars without compulsory motor liability insurance are currently driving on Russian roads. He suggests that with the approval of the amendment that excludes insurance from the list of mandatory documents for vehicle registration, the number of those refusing the “automobile license” may increase. The Russian Union of Auto Insurers had previously opposed the idea.

    Anatoly Aksakov also insists on strengthening control over the availability of valid OSAGO policies for car owners. He believes that it is necessary to launch a system of checking insurance with the help of complexes for recording traffic violations. It is worth recalling that the corresponding functionality has been developed since the last decade, it has already been tested more than once, but this system has not yet worked in full force.

    Last summer it became known that car owners in The Russian Federation began to complain six times more often about refusal to issue compulsory motor liability insurance. The Central Bank studied citizens' appeals. We are talking about cases where car owners were denied directly at the insurer’s office, as well as about problems when trying to issue an electronic policy: “technical failures”, “data entry errors”, “inconsistency of information with information in the RSA database”, etc. .d. We would like to remind you that, according to the law on compulsory motor liability insurance, insurance companies do not have the right to unreasonably refuse to sell a motor vehicle title to clients.

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