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    Military hardening: the Canoo cabover pickup truck has become rougher and received the name American Bulldog

    American electric vehicle startup Canoo presented a new, brutal version of its pickup truck, made taking into account operating experience in the US Department of Defense.

    The startup Canoo was founded in 2017, but only last summer it entered a trajectory leading it to mass production of modular, car-mounted electric vehicles: in August, the company received money from the state of Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation living here to build two factories for assembly of electric vehicles and batteries for them – we described the history of the issue and economic details in a separate note. Today, the startup reported the start of shipments of the first electric vans assembled in Oklahoma to the state government, and three days earlier introduced the American Bulldog pickup truck.

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    The American Bulldog is a brutal version of the model with the simple name Pickup Truck, which Canoo introduced two and a half years ago. The original 4677mm long Canoo Pickup Truck has a cabover cab, a sliding body, folding work tables and hidden storage niches – it is very convenient for work and recreation in the wild. In 2022, Canoo made a special version of a pickup truck with a single-row cab for the US Department of Defense and handed it over to the military for testing, and now the American Bulldog, made based on the results of the Canoo Pickup Truck’s “service” in the army, is ready.

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    The American Bulldog has a more severe design compared to the Pickup Truck with squared wheel arches, simplified optics, protective pads on the sidewalls and heavy-duty steel bumpers. The Bulldog has a two-row cab, and the body is fixed and waterproofed, it is equipped with powerful fastenings for heavy loads and removable sides that can be placed under the wheels in case of getting stuck. The interior design also became rougher, with hanging canvas bags on the doors.

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    Canoo, unfortunately, does not disclose the technical characteristics of the Bulldog; it is only known that the army version of the pickup truck is all-wheel drive, its twin-engine power plant produces about 600 hp. The civilian Canoo Pickup Truck can also be single-engine, rear-wheel drive.

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    Canoo – still accepts pre-orders for the Pickup Truck on its website, but it is not yet clear when production and sales of trucks will begin, now the main priority for the company is electric vans, about 20,000 orders have been collected for them, Canoo is primarily engaged in their execution, and after the company gets back on its feet, it will be possible to introduce pickup trucks to the market.

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