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    A woman found in a garbage dump in Balashikha could have been killed for money.

    The lady realtor kept 3.5 million rubles in the apartment

    Details of the terrible murder in Balashikha near Moscow became known, where on the night of March 26, a 14-year-old schoolgirl and her friends dealt with his mother, after which the young men took the unfortunate woman’s body to a trash heap near the house.

    As MK managed to find out, the 39-year-old murdered woman lived alone with her schoolgirl daughter in a rented apartment in microdistrict Izumrudny. They are originally from Volgograd, but moved to the Moscow region quite a long time ago.

    According to her relatives, the girl suffered from diabetes, studied at home remotely via the Internet, and had practically no friends. The mother worked as a realtor, selling luxury real estate and saving for her own apartment. She divorced her daughter’s father more than 10 years ago; the man lived separately and took virtually no part in raising the girl.

    The woman managed to earn about 3.5 million rubles from large transactions, which she kept in cash at home. Stacks of banknotes lay in the apartment on a shelf with decorations.

    Two weeks ago, her 15-year-old acquaintance, whom she met on the Internet, came to visit the schoolgirl. The young man asked to live in the apartment for a while, since his parents allegedly left and he did not have the keys to the house. The boy was from a troubled Muscovite family and often lived in Chekhov with his grandparents.

    The student behaved politely and modestly, helped his friend learn his homework, and the lady, out of pity, allowed him to stay for a while. The guy stayed for 2 weeks, which worried the woman. She asked for his parents' phone number. It turned out that they had already returned from the trip and thought that their son lived in Chekhov.

    Muscovites did not mind if their son stayed for a while longer. However, the realtor began to kick the teenager home. By the way, because of an uninvited guest in the family, there has recently been a rift in the relationship between mother and daughter. Nevertheless, the schoolgirl persuaded her parent to allow the guy to stay in the apartment until March 25.

    Apparently, the murder occurred on that day. Using video surveillance footage, police officers established that at midnight on March 26, two teenagers on a homemade stretcher, which they made from sticks, carried the body out of the entrance and threw it next to trash cans. In the morning the body was discovered by a janitor.

    In the apartment of the murdered woman, detectives found the daughter of the deceased, a visiting guy and his two 16-year-old friends, whom, apparently, the young man called for help.

    Now investigators are establishing all the details of this terrifying story . According to one version, the young guest learned from a friend that her mother kept a large sum of money at home, and persuaded her to get rid of her parent and take the money for herself. Law enforcement officers are finding out what role each of the detained teenagers played in the murder.

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