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    It turned out why UAF drones are now flying into Moscow from the east

    Expert Knutov: “There will not just be attacks, but they will be massive”

    Massive drone attacks on Moscow, as well as other Russian cities, are being prepared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A military expert, director of the Air Defense Forces Museum, Yuri Knutov, told us about this. According to him, the latest attacks on the Bogorodsky urban district (Noginsk) and Elektrostal indicate that the enemy is actively probing the weak points of our defense.

    This weekend, the Ukrainian Armed Forces again tried to attack the Moscow region. It is noteworthy that previously enemy drones flew into our territory, as a rule, from the south and west. And recently the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed direction, “favoring” east.

    On Saturday, a Ukrainian drone flying towards the capital was shot down in the Bogorodsky urban district of the Moscow region. Late on Sunday, attacks in the east resumed. Our air defense systems, this time in Elektrostal, had to get involved and extinguish the enemy “bird”. In both cases, the attacks were repelled successfully. There was no destruction or casualties.

    According to MK military expert, Yuri Knutov, the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to attack military targets and, possibly, break through to Moscow. Apparently, the expert argues, the drones entered from the south and then moved towards Moscow from the western part, since, according to the enemy’s calculations, there may be weak air defense there.

    – Both of these drones were destroyed — how is not disclosed. Perhaps the electronic warfare system was connected or the Pantsir air defense system was activated. In any case, this attack suggests that Ukraine is testing Moscow’s air defense system.

    – Yes. The enemy directly stated that there would not only be attacks, but that they would be massive. About a week ago, one of the Ukrainian politicians said that Ukraine had begun production of Shahid-type drones. with a range of up to 1 thousand kilometers. They will actively use these and other modern drones for attacks throughout Russian territory, including energy infrastructure facilities.

    In my opinion, I have spoken about this more than once, it is necessary to create an air defense line, which should start from the Sea of ​​​​Azov, go along the Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk regions. In the future, it needs to be extended to St. Petersburg. Such a milestone is now extremely necessary.

    – Of course. The air defense of a number of cities and regions of Central Russia has been strengthened, and significantly. But once again I want to say that in addition to strengthening air defense, in addition, I would take the path of creating a line. It's not my whim. This is the historical experience of our country in the post-war period, which shows that such a milestone is necessary.

    I have already said that it is imperative to build radar stations on tethered balloons that can detect drones at long ranges, cruise missiles. They must be located within our territory within the borders until February 24, 2022, so that the enemy cannot shoot down these balloons. If, nevertheless, some object penetrates deep into ours, then the means that currently protect Moscow and other regions should work against it.

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