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    The Moscow Quartet and opera singer Kayeko Amano performed in Japan

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    OSAKA, July 6, Ekaterina Plyasunkova A joint concert of the ensemble of soloists of the Moscow Quartet and the Japanese opera singer (mezzo-soprano) Kayoko Amano took place on Saturday at the Russian Consulate General in Osaka as part of the Festival of Russian Culture in Japan, the correspondent reports.
    The program consisted of two parts, which included both solo performances by Kayoko Amano and the Moscow Quartet, as well as joint ones.

    In particular, in the first part the aria “Habanera” from the opera “Carmen” and the hopak from the opera “Sorochinsk Fair”, a fragment of the opera “The Barber of Seville”, as well as the Japanese folk song “Sakura Sakura” arranged for balalaika and piano and the work ” Spring Sea” by composer Michio Miyagi, arranged for domra and piano.

    The second part featured Japan's favorite song “Sen no kaze ni natte”, which was based on a translation of the poem “Immortality” by the American Claire Harner, Vasily Adreev's waltz “Balalaika”, the romance ” A long road”, romance by Anton Rubinstein based on the poems of Alexander Pushkin “Night” and others. In addition, Alexander Tsygankov’s composition “Introduction and Chardash” was performed.
    “The event was attended by more than 120 people, among whom were representatives of the public, cultural and business circles of the Kansai region. The concert was held in a traditionally warm and friendly atmosphere,” said the Consul General of Russia in Osaka, Alexander Terskikh, after the concert.
    The concert of the ensemble of soloists “Moscow Quartet” in Japan was not the first. People's Artists of Russia Alexander Tsygankov and Valery Zazhigin and Honored Artists of Russia Larisa Gottlieb and Inna Shevchenko have repeatedly performed at various Japanese venues. In 2008, the ensemble was awarded the Grand Prix “Yehudi Menuhin Gold Prize” at the VI International Competition and Festival of Chamber Ensembles in Osaka, and also received a special prize for the folklore focus of the program.

    According to the artists, Japanese audiences “always give us a very warm welcome.”
    Kayoko Amano, who is often called “a Japanese woman with a Russian soul,” also thanked all those present, expressing hope for further meetings. Amano graduated from the vocal department of the Japanese Osaka Institute of Music, as well as a diploma course from the Moscow State Conservatory named after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. She often represents Japanese culture at international festivals in various cities of Russia and is the winner of the international public recognition award “Silver Dove” in 2014.

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