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    Brutally and budget: the Vietnamese VinFast, which never reached the Russian Federation, showed the VF 3 cross

    The new compact should be the cheapest in the young automaker's range. Orders will begin to be accepted in the fall, but production cars will have to wait.

    The VinFast brand was founded in 2017 by the first Vietnamese dollar billionaire who made his fortune on instant noodles and real estate (by the way, businessman Pham Nyat Vuong was educated in Moscow). At first, the company produced licensed copies of the Opel hatch and BMW models with internal combustion engines, but then switched to electric cars of its own design. The geography of sales of “greens” is not limited only to Vietnam, the brand is also aimed at Europe and the USA. Once upon a time, Russia was also named among the priority foreign markets for VinFast, but our country is no longer mentioned in the official press releases of the company. However, the news is not about that. Today, the brand announced the expansion of the line: the entry-level three-door SUV VF 3 is preparing for its debut.

    VinFast VF 3

    VinFast decided to pick up the Chinese fashion for small but stylish urban electric cars. So, the length of the VF 3 is only 3114 mm, while it is reported that there is “enough space for five people” in the cabin. Outwardly, the novelty clearly imitates the Baojun Yep electric cross-country just launched in China, the appearance of which, in turn, is stylized as Suzuki Jimny and Ford Bronco SUVs.

    VinFast VF 3 1/3 VinFast VF 3 2/3 VinFast VF 3 3/3

    VinFast VF 3 features – massive bumpers combined with wheel arches, large exterior mirrors, “gaps” between the roof and rear pillars and black 16- inch wheels. High ground clearance is also promised, but this figure has not yet been disclosed. Inside – minimalism. Cross received a virtual tidy, the side air vents were made vertical. But there is no multimedia system to be seen: it is possible that it will not exist at all due to the title of the cheapest model of the brand.

    VinFast VF 3 1/2 VinFast VF 3 2/2

    There is no information about the filling yet, the company only noted that the battery will provide a “good range”.

    Reception in the brand's homeland orders for VinFast VF 3 will be opened in September, but SUV dealers will only have it in the third quarter of 2024. The manufacturer has not yet announced export plans.

    The current VinFast lineup. The far left is the VF 5 Plus cross, while it is both the smallest and the cheapest electric car of the brand

    Meanwhile, now the most affordable VinFast electric car is the VF 5 Plus SUV. “Pyatidverka” 3965 mm long is equipped with a 134-horsepower electric motor and a battery capacity of 37.23 kWh, power reserve – 300 km (but it is calculated according to the outdated NEDC cycle). In Vietnam, a basic VinFast VF 5 Plus costs approximately $22,700, but can be brought down to around $19,000 with a battery rental program.

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