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    5. Sadiq Khan vows to block London shelter barge plans


    Sadiq Khan vows to block London shelter barge plans

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he opposes the move "in the strongest terms" Credit: James Manning/PA Wire

    Sadiq Khan has vowed to block plans to house hundreds of asylum seekers on a barge at the docks next to London City Airport's runway.

    The Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police are believed to be part of a coalition of public and private sector organizations opposed to the Home Secretary's plans on security grounds, according to The Telegraph.

    Swella Braverman, Home Secretary, has selected the Royal Docks in east London as one of four potential sites for immigrant accommodation ahead of an expected influx of people arriving in small boats this summer.

    Mr Khan said: “ We have recently become aware of proposals from the Home Office to use the Royal Docks as a barge site for people seeking asylum in the UK.”

    “I strongly oppose these plans. conditions. I am proud of London's history of providing shelter to those who seek asylum, and I am concerned that vulnerable people fleeing dire circumstances will not have access to the support they need, and their safety, health and well-being will be seriously compromised.”

    The Metropolitan Police have also concluded that these plans pose a security risk to those on the barge. The representative of law enforcement agencies declined to comment.

    The Royal Docks are managed on a daily basis by the Royal Docks Management Authority Limited (RoDMA), an independent organization owned by the Greater Docks Management Authority Limited (RoDMA). City of London, led by MR Council

    Newham and local businesses such as ExCel and London City Airport.

    Interior Minister Swella Braverman has come under fire over the government's plan to house asylum seekers on barges. Photo: JESSICA TAYLOR/UK PARLIAMENT/AFP. weeks after taking soundings from his owners. This will be agreed at an upcoming board meeting before a formal waiver is sent to the Home Office.

    It is clear that the Home Office can still move forward without the blessing of the Mayor of London and the Royal Docks, but this will probably require a change in the law.

    If Ms. Braverman insists on choosing Royal Docks, asylum seekers will be moored on a barge a stone's throw from the airport's runway. Flights start at 06:30 and continue until 22:30 on weekdays, from 06:30 to 13:00 on Saturdays and from 12:30 to 22:30 on Sundays.

    The airport is consulting on extending hours work. Currently, it can serve no more than 6.5 million passengers and 111,000 flights per year.

    Rishi Sunak confirmed on Monday that the UK has acquired two more barges to house asylum seekers as part of plans to crack down on illegal immigration. They are reported to be moored in Liverpool and close to Middlesbrough.

    In addition to the Royal Docks, the Home Office has also identified Newcastle, Harwich and Felixstowe as destinations for migrants.

    The Prime Minister said crackdowns on immigration are “starting to work” as figures show the number of asylum seekers making the transition is down 20% from last year.

    But the use of barges has been criticized. members of Mr. Sunak's own party. Richard Drax, Conservative MP for South Dorset, has criticized the “quasi-prison” conditions, while Lee Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, said that the use of barges, as well as forcing asylum seekers to live together, is “not exit.”

    2605 migrant crossings

    Mr Khan added: “The government's approach to asylum seekers is cruel and unworkable, and will be exacerbated by the law on illegal migration.

    “Instead, councils and relevant partners should retain legal authority and funding to support asylum seekers in a humane and dignified manner. We all have an obligation to help those fleeing oppression and violence, and ministers urgently need to completely rethink their plans.”

    A Home Office spokesman said: havens continue to grow and require us to look for a range of accommodation options that offer better value for British taxpayers than expensive hotels.

    “That's why we continue to look for new alternative places and ships to accommodate migrants that are more convenient for communities, as our European neighbors are doing.

    “We understand the concerns. communities and will work closely with councils and key partners to manage the impact of the use of these facilities, including liaising with local police to ensure appropriate mechanisms are in place.”

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