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    Labor donor Dale Vince joins Just Stop Oil protest outside Parliament House

    Dale Vince joins the Just Stop the Oil protesters in Westminster. Photo: Tom Bowles. a move that sparked renewed criticism of Sir Keir Starmer.

    The multi-millionaire founder of clean energy company Ecotricity donned a fluorescent orange vest and joined eco-protesters at a march in Westminster on Thursday.

    He and other demonstrators took part in a slow walk through Whitehall, one of the group's tactics designed to deliberately block traffic.

    The green energy mogul said he wants to give more support to the “incredibly brave” protesters.

    Dale Vince with protesters in Westminster Photo: Tom Bowles

    This comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attacked Sir Keir for receiving £1.5 million in donations from Mr Vince, who also pledged to donate tens of thousands to Just Stop Oil.

    MPs -Conservatives took advantage of the environmental group's unpopularity and antics to attack Sir Keir for money. From him.

    Mr. Vince said, “I'm here to support the incredibly brave people at Just Stop Oil. They risk themselves and their freedom.

    “I support them in other ways, through the media and through donations, but I thought I would do more.

    “I can't think it would make much of a difference to Keir Starmer, he's his own man, and me too. I hope it doesn't hurt [Labour], but I can't help but speak out.”

    He wrote. photo of him outside Parliament with a message to the Prime Minister, in which he writes: “I'm in London, where are you?”

    Mr. Sunak is in Washington, D.C., meeting with Joe Biden, President USA.

    Greg Smith, the Conservative MP for Buckingham and a member of the transport committee, attacked Sir Keir because of his connections with Just Stop Oil.

    “We know where we stand with Labor — the party to shut down London and stop work,” said Mr Smith.

    He said the protest was “costing people a lot of money “. and that those who come to London to see the sights of the capital may “end up disappointed and possibly miss out on what they're going for.”

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