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    The valet who brought Donald Trump his Diet Coke has also been charged.

    Walt Nauta helps his boss with the collar on his first jersey when he competes in the Pro-Am tournament last month. Credit: Reuters

    Navy veteran Waltin “Walt” Nauta, described by Donald Trump as “strong, brave, and a great patriot,” is perhaps the GOP leader's most loyal aide.

    Endless devotion to Mr. -on Nauta is obvious to the former president. in that he is the only other person named in the 49-page indictment.

    Once responsible for delivering Diet Coke to Trump when he pressed a special button in the Oval Office, the 40-year-old former White House military valet now faces six federal charges, four of which carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

    Before the indictment was released on Friday, Trump accused the U.S. Department of Justice of “trying to destroy” Mr. Nauta's life, “like the lives of many others, hoping he say bad things about Trump.”

    “He is strong, brave and a great patriot,” Trump wrote on his social network Truth Social.

    Mr. Nauta was reportedly with Mr. Trump this week at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

    Mr. Nauta was born in Agata on the Pacific island of Guam. In 2001, he joined the US Navy, and in 2011 he became a chief cook.

    Since Trump's defeat in the 2020 election, Mr. Nauta was the only assistant who moved from Washington, D.C., to follow the former president to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

    He became an executive assistant to Mr. Trump. in August 2021 after leaving the military, for which he is reportedly paid a salary of $120,000 to do mostly personal errands for Trump.

    “He is very shy and asks permission for everything. If he makes a mistake, he gets upset and apologizes. He is very, very formal with the president and very stoic. 'Yes sir. It's clear”. He doesn't really say anything,” one Washington Post adviser said.

    “He is ready for anything, he is a valet. The world of valets never left him.”

    Mr. Nauta faces six criminal charges, including conspiracy to obstruct justice, hiding a document or recording, hiding a document in corruption, and hiding a document as part of a federal investigation. < /p>

    He is also accused of lying to FBI agents about knowing about the boxes in May 2022, as well as conspiring to hide the document.

    According to the indictment, Mr. Nauta is suspected of moving 64 crates of classified documents from a vault to hide them from Trump's attorney, the FBI and a Trump-led grand jury.

    Mr. Nauta's family on Guam previously described him as a “good boy” , who moved to the US “to enjoy life, not create problems.”

    His aunt Ellie Nauta told the Washington Post that he did everything “at the behest of the former president.”


    “All he was ordered to do was put the boxes where they were supposed to go,” Ms. Nauta said.

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