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    Rotterdam suspect shoots neighbor dead after she 'claims he tortured his rabbit'

    Emergency services treat two victims of Rotterdam shooting Photo: HOLLANDSE HOOGTE/SHUTTERSTOCK

    The suspected Rotterdam shooter accused his alleged victims of recording him while mocking rabbits in a “drunken stupor.”

    The suspect named by local media is Fuad L., a 32-year-old man who received a number of warnings from police for shooting a fish with a crossbow. , as well as cruelty to rabbits, pigeons and a dog.

    Dutch media reports say the murdered 39-year-old woman, who has not been named, had previously reported the alleged perpetrator to police for torturing his pet. a rabbit that had to be put down.

    The woman is believed to have been the shooter's neighbor and a witness who recorded him throwing and kicking rabbits into a tree in 2021.

    Her teenage daughter was also seriously injured and later died in hospital after a gunman dressed in black combat clothing and a bulletproof vest broke into a house in the city's Heymann-Dullaertplein area.

    Jurgen Dahmen, a lecturer at Erasmus University Medical Center, was also shot dead on Thursday

    He claimed his neighbor filmed him mistreating animals in a series of online posts -4chan forum.

    Police responding to the report raided L's home, which was filthy and full of animal feces.


    The 32-year-old suspect was sentenced to 40 hours of community service but was acquitted of cruelty. handling a pigeon, neglecting another rabbit and possessing arrows for two crossbows found in his home.

    He was acquitted after telling the court he had an alcohol addiction and Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.


    The suspect also complained about his education at Erasmus University Medical Center, where he studied for a basic medical degree.

    In a letter to the institution, prosecutors warned of his criminal record for cruelty to animals and his “disturbing behavior.”


    The body known as OM wrote how L was found “lying half naked in the garden on a pile of leaves”, screaming and laughing loudly and showing signs of “disturbing behaviour”. psychotic behavior.”

    Emergency services prepare to enter a burning building after three shootings in Rotterdam. Photo: HOLLANDSE HOOGTE/SHUTTERSTOCK

    During a search of his phone, the prosecution found images of people “stabbed to death” as well as images of Nazis and right-wing extremists, according to their letter.

    He claimed that his teachers were trying to “sabotage” his education in a post on a 4chan forum.

    Teachers gave him pause and secretly hoped he would fail the exams he needed to keep his job, he wrote.

    There was none. evidence that the suspect shared details of the alleged shooting or any plans to threaten violence.

    After allegedly killing his neighbors, he moved into an Erasmus MC class, allegedly shooting the teacher, 43-year-old Jürgen Dahmen, who worked as a general practitioner and teacher.

    alleged the perpetrator was eventually arrested by elite police officers at the university.

    He is due to appear in court later on Friday.

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