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      Sir Keir Starmer will make changes in areas such as immigration, energy and private schools. /bc72b371-0215-4d99-b27b-4223678de837.html?direct=true&id=bc72b371-0215-4d99-b27b-4223678de837&template=articleRendererHTML' class='tmg-particle Sticky-nav-bc72b371-0215- 4d99-b27b-4223678de837' title='General Election' data-business-type='editorial' loading='eager' Scrolling='no'...


      Polls show that voters who supported the Conservatives in the last election have become more favorable towards the Prime Minister.' class='tmg-particle Sticky-nav wrp-bc72b371-0215-4d99-b27b-4223678de837'...

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