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    New Ford Fiesta: what it could be

    This year marks the end of the Fiesta, which for many years has regularly made the list of the most popular cars in Europe. We decided to imagine what a new generation of Fiesta could be like.

    The history of the subcompact hatchback began in 1976, when the first generation of the model appeared. The car was produced in different countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil and Russia (the model was made in Naberezhnye Chelny at the Ford Sollers plant). The car was almost always in good demand, and from 2009 to 2015 it was the second best-selling model in Europe, right after the market leader, the Volkswagen Golf. However, in recent years, his popularity has begun to fade, and since 2020 he has left the European TOP-10. This was one of the reasons for Ford's announcement last year that the Fiesta will be discontinued and the model will not receive a direct successor (Ford will focus on the transition to the production of all-electric cars). We were wondering what the new generation of the hatchback might look like.

    Render new Fiesta 1/2 Render new Fiesta in Active version 2/2

    The car presented in the renders is made in the style of the latest innovations of the company. He received a wide grille and a “two-story” front optics: LED running lights are located on top, and a little lower, main light blocks are built into the bumper. The car is depicted both as a regular hatchback and as an Active cross-version with plastic lining on the arches and sills (the latest generation Fiesta also had it). On the side, one of the most interesting elements was the retractable door handles, as on the new Mondeo. In the same style, side mirrors with black housings and body-colored legs, as well as a contrasting black roof, are made. At the rear, the car received new lights and a bumper with a contrasting black insert.

    Render of the new Fiesta 1/2 Render of the new Fiesta in the Active version 2/2

    The Fiesta's place on the assembly line will be taken by the all-electric crossover Ford Explorer, which premiered in March this year. It will be offered with three options for the power plant: the base with a single electric motor located on the rear axle produces 170 hp, the second version has 286 forces, and the top one with two electric motors – 340 hp. The range on a single charge can be from 350 to 540 km, depending on the modification.

    Ford Fiesta of the latest (seventh) generation 1/3 Latest (seventh) generation Ford Fiesta 2/3 Latest (seventh) generation Ford Fiesta 3/3

    In the meantime, we recalled some of the Fiesta's highlights in the car's more than 45-year history.

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