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    5. Penny Mordaunt supports the Great British National Service volunteer program


    Penny Mordaunt supports the Great British National Service volunteer program

    Ms. Mordaunt supports the renewal of the National Civil Service established under David Cameron. Photo: Julian Simmonds for The Telegraph

    New There should be a “Great British National Service” that every 16-year-old in the UK will automatically register for, a think tank report supported by Penny Mordaunt suggests.

    In Under this scheme, teenagers will spend two weeks away from home. on a civilian research trip, and they will be forced to work a certain number of hours of volunteering per year.

    The program will not be mandatory, but teens will have to opt out if they don't want to join, unlike this. to an existing public service scheme that requires consent from the people.

    It is estimated that up to 600,000 teenagers will participate, well above the cap for the existing National Civil Service created by David Cameron.


    The project aims to encourage Britons of various backgrounds to get involved in the project. confuse and also partially repair the damage caused by the Covid-19 lockdown to educate and prepare young people for the adult world.

    The proposal contained in a new report from the Onward think tank has won the support of Ms Mordaunt, leader of the House of Commons.

    “Use your energy and imagination”

    In an article for The Telegraph, Ms. Mordaunt writes: “No one can help others more effectively than a volunteer. There is nothing more rewarding than serving your community and country.

    “Many young people struggle with their mental health, trying to find purpose and a sense of belonging.”

    “Stepping forward to help others may be part of the answer. Service can help build the resilience, skills, and pride in one's community and country that many need.

    “National service is an old idea, but today, the centre-right think tank Vperyod unveiled a proposal for a modern version. I can understand their motives.

    “They hope to harness the goodwill and spirit of the youth community, engage the energy and imagination of the next generation, and promote good mental health and resilience. I applaud these aims.”

    The idea of ​​creating a scheme that would encourage young people to play an active role in British civil society has long been a subject of debate in Westminster.

    Mr National Civil Service on Cameron, created after the Conservatives came to Downing Street in 2010, was the centerpiece of his vision of the “big society”.

    The new proposal, dubbed the “Great British National Service”, will be a success. take a step further by automatically enrolling all 16-year-olds, thus solving the problem of enrolling young people.

    The scheme is based on a similar idea already being implemented in France, called the Service National Universel, created by the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

    Young people are “poorly prepared for work”

    Poll conducted A JL Partners Forward report says that three times more young people aged 16 to 21 support national service than oppose it.

    François Valentin, senior fellow at Onward, said : “With so many young people feeling lonely, ill-equipped for work, and disconnected from their community and nation, it's time for a bold idea to keep a generation from falling into further crisis.

    “National service can be a unifying experience, teaching people the skills they need to succeed. This is not an outdated idea from history, but a modern solution that more and more countries are using to help young people.

    “The creation of a new British National Service could be a popular response to the problems of young people. This will help them develop the skills, resilience and national pride that so many lack.”

    Rory Stewart, host of The Rest is Politics podcast and former Secretary of State for International Development, said: “A clear, bold, important idea – provocative and important – and, if carried out with conviction and energy, would be a wonderful gift to young people and the country.”

    Dan Jarvis, Labor MP, also supported the proposal: “The National Civil Service could to develop skills, improve mental well-being and strengthen a sense of belonging among British youth.

    “I would like all young people to be given the opportunity to participate in a voluntary national programme.”

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