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    'Sinister' abuse of 15-minute cities faces crackdown

    Mark Harper said the government would “look at what options we have in our toolbox to curb the overuse of traffic control measures ” Credit : Oli Scarff/Getty

    Transport departments could be banned from fining drivers as part of a crackdown on the “sinister” abuse of so-called 15-minute cities, the transport secretary has said.

    Speaking at the Conservative Party conference on Monday, Mark Harper said he was “calling time” on their misuse by considering ways to cut off access to driving license databases if councils use them to monitor traffic enforcement.

    15 The minimal city is based on the idea that a person can access amenities in a quarter of an hour by walking or cycling. In some cases this could lead to restrictions being imposed on drivers.

    The most high-profile example of such a plan is in Oxford, where the council has put forward proposals to divide the city into six “15-minute blocks”.

    Under the plans, some car drivers will have to apply for permission to drive through “traffic filters” for a maximum of 100 days a year.

    LTN check could go further

    Mr Harper said: “There's nothing wrong with so that people can walk or cycle to shops or schools. This is traditional urban planning.

    “But what is different, what is sinister and what we should not tolerate is the idea that local councils can decide how often you go to the shops, and that they can ration who uses the roads and when, and that they control everything This. with CCTV.

    “So today I am announcing that the Government will consider what options we have in our toolbox to curb the overuse of traffic control measures, including removing councils from the Licensing Agency database vehicle drivers. if they don't follow the rules.”

    The speech was followed by the publication of the government's driver plan, which also included details of the country's pothole mitigation schemes and additional measures against controversial low traffic areas (LTN).

    In the document, the Department for Transport said it would consider introducing lane rental schemes for utility road works across England, which could raise funds to tackle the country's pothole problem.

    The lane rental scheme has been widely used in London and other cities. forcing utilities to pay more to perform work during the busiest times of day. The report said the measures should be rolled out across the country, with the government consulting on a system that would earmark 50 per cent of revenue raised for pothole repairs.

    The government also said it would go further. with his review of LTN and explores recommendations for installing new circuits. The report said ministers “as part of the LTN review will consider how to address existing LTNs that have not received local consent.”

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