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    Details about the production sports car Toyota FT-Se have become known

    The concept of the future new product was presented at the end of last week at the Japan Mobility exhibition, and the production version based on it will probably not appear before 2026.

    Toyota recently showed a harbinger of its future sports car: we are talking about the conceptual two-door FT-Se. Let us remember that specialists from the Gazoo Racing division took part in its development, while the creators of the coupe used the experience that GR has accumulated in motorsport over the past few years.

    Pictured: Toyota FT-Se concept

    Previously, the company did not officially announce that the Toyota FT-Se concept would subsequently form the basis for the brand’s new production sports car. The corresponding plans were reported a little later at the Japan Mobility exhibition by InsideEVs, citing Gazoo Racing Design Group project manager Hideaki Iida. According to him, the commercial version of the two-door, which will be based on the FT-Se, will be presented after 2026.

    The first details about the “filling” of the future production sports car have now appeared. According to Top Gear, the all-electric FT-Se coupe has all-wheel drive: the two-door is equipped with two electric motors – one drives the front axle, the second drives the rear wheels. According to the publication, the motors will be powered by a “third generation battery system.”

    The developers of the new project said that they intend to send the Toyota FT-Se to a race around the Nurburgring. The company has already determined the target lap time, but for now this information is kept secret. It is expected that the future sports car will be able to accelerate from zero to “hundreds” in three seconds, and its top speed will probably be 250 km/h.

    It is assumed that the serial version of the FT-Se will be “light and rigid at the same time”: the developers intend to use parts made of plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum and steel for the body, and the new product will also have aerodynamic design elements such as a large wing, which allows for increased downforce.

    In the photo: interior of the Toyota FT-Se concept

    What the appearance of the future new product will be is still unknown, but we can assume that it will be commercially available the variant will inherit some of the solutions of the FT-Se concept. Let us remind you that the peculiarity of this show car is that its exterior is noticeably different from the current sports models of the brand – Supra and GR 86.

    The two-seat coupe concept has a futuristic interior due to the interior trim of the doors, the lower part of the front panel and the center console – it is made of plastic wicker in a rich blue color. The show car was equipped with Recaro bucket seats with carbon fiber backrests trimmed in blue Alcantara. The usual steering wheel has been replaced with a steering wheel, surrounded by three separate displays, the central one acting as a virtual instrument panel. Obviously, the interior of the production sports car will be decorated in a more traditional style.

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