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    Ferrari 499P Modificata: Le Mans winner turned into production model for 5.1 million euros

    Modificata is a track version of the Ferrari 499P Hypercar class sports prototype, not intended for competition and exempt from FIA WEC regulatory restrictions. The Ferrari 499P Modificata will be offered to selected Scuderia clients for free practice as part of the special Sport Prototipi Clienti program.

    This year, Ferrari made a triumphant return to Le Mans: the crew of the Ferrari 499P sports prototype, number 51, won the legendary 24-hour marathon. In total, Ferrari won Le Mans ten times, but the previous victory was back in 1965. It turns out that in recent history, Ferrari was able to make from scratch a car that was reliable and fast enough to win the first time, and this is a real miracle; usually the path to the podium at Le Mans takes years of hard work by engineers, testers, mechanics and pilots.

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    Ferrari management decided to monetize the new victory at Le Mans as widely as possible and launched the Sport Prototipi Clienti program, within the framework of which the company’s most loyal and wealthy clients will be able to enjoy the Ferrari 499P in a special Modificata version. Ferrari itself will organize races at the best circuits in the world, deliver cars there and carry out their maintenance, but each Ferrari 499P Modificata will be owned by the client – you just need to pay 5.1 million euros.

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    Since the Ferrari 499P Modificata is not intended for professional competition, it does not need to comply with the strict regulations of the FIA ​​WEC (WEC is the World Endurance Championship, that is, the World Endurance Championship, of which the Le Mans 24-hour marathon is part). In particular, the pilot of the Ferrari 499P Modificata can use all-wheel drive over the entire speed range (in the racing version it is turned off at speeds above 190 km/h), the hybrid power plant and suspension have received new settings, and the efficiency of the aerodynamic tail has been increased. As a result, the Ferrari 499P Modificata turned out to be a little easier and more enjoyable to drive than its racing counterpart.

    The power plant of the Ferrari 499P Modificata consists of a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 gasoline engine installed behind the cockpit, which is coupled to a racing 7-speed sequential gearbox and rotates the rear wheels, and an electric motor is responsible for driving the front wheels, which also operates as a generator during braking. and feeds the traction battery. The maximum continuous combined power output of the powertrain is 520 kW (707 hp), but pressing the Push to Pass button on the steering wheel increases the output to 640 kW (870 hp) within seven seconds. During a session, you can use the Push to Pass button several times, the exact number depends on the nature of the route and the speed of battery recharging.

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    The body of the Ferrari 499P Modificata is entirely carbon fiber; in the client version, the V6 engine is included in the power structure. The cockpit is a one-seater, just like a racing car, the controls and instruments are also racing. The suspension is push-rod type with double wishbones “all around”. Pirelli has developed a special set of tires for the Ferrari 499P Modificata for different weather conditions; they warm up faster than the racing tires of the Ferrari 499P and are better suited for short races (obviously, multi-hour endurance races are contraindicated for non-professional drivers). The width of the front tires is 310 mm, the rear tires are 340 mm.

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    Dynamic characteristics The Ferrari 499P Modificata has not been announced – they are unlikely to be better than the top Ferrari road models, but the buyer of the Ferrari 499P Modificata is paying 5.1 million euros not so much for these figures, but for the ambience and the feeling of a genuine racing car when cornering. The production run of the Ferrari 499P Modificata has not been announced, we only know that it will be limited.

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